Author Topic: Unable to sign up to estiah 2.  (Read 2339 times)


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Unable to sign up to estiah 2.
« on: 02:37:54 - 07/23/14 »
I go to sign up, and it never shows me a Word Verification code, and tells me An unexpected error occurred, when ever I try to get pass with out the code.


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Re: Unable to sign up to estiah 2.
« Reply #1 on: 13:17:49 - 07/23/14 »
a few chinese players reported they cannot sign up because the verification picture doesn't show up.
this is due to the GFW blocking Google service in china mainland. if you are using,
try to sign up on (you can revert back to cn later).

if you are not using, i'm sorry that i don't know what's wrong yet. you can send a
private message to me with your email address, i can create an account for you.

or, you can wait for the next patch (due in two weeks or so), we have change the verification
system, it should work for everyone.