Author Topic: Scrolling in battle preparation  (Read 10239 times)


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Scrolling in battle preparation
« on: 16:03:01 - 07/08/14 »
I've found that I have to scroll or zoom out in many places.
Design, in general, seems not taking into consideration that the player may not have the expected monitor/window size, or GUI Widgets are not properly placed to alleviate this.

For example, most times Battle Preparation is way too long to fit in the screen.
And this hide important elements of the GUI, like the "Ready" button or the Listbox to pick Gears.
Placing the buttons/listbox in the top instead of the bottom can help with this problem.

It would help putting this on the top:

Note: I'm playing in a 15" monitor, although my browser is fully maximized, with toolbars hidden and windows taskbar at the left to maximize vertical space and still doesn't fit everything.
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Re: Scrolling in battle preparation
« Reply #1 on: 18:27:46 - 07/08/14 »
You should probably post this in the Estiah 2 forums.
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