Author Topic: Estiah 2 is LIVE!  (Read 10142 times)


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Estiah 2 is LIVE!
« on: 18:15:01 - 06/22/14 »
It's been 6 years of work... but finally, Estiah's sequel game has been released!

This is not just the sequel, this is a brand new game with different battle mechanism and real time battles. The lore remains the same, as the story takes place around 80 years after the end of Estiah 1 adventures. You might still encounter a few story elements you are familiar with!
There are a lot of things to discover in this new world, and describing them would take too long. The easiest way to find out is to head there and live through this new adventure yourself!

While we will now focus on bringing a lot of new features and dungeons to this new game, this does not means that Estiah1 will stop. The servers will remain active so everyone is free to keep playing the game.

By the way, this game is available in English, French and Chinese!
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