Author Topic: Guidance around gathering?  (Read 2856 times)


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Guidance around gathering?
« on: 16:52:49 - 06/13/14 »
I had some hard time understanding how mining/gathering herbs work. It seemed to me that I need to kill the rocky stuff (protect the trees?) within certain amount of time after several attempts. But I was not sure and I didn't get a hint. And if I fail, I sometimes loot nothing, which is frustrating. And I still did't get a clue about how to condense, may be a missed a dungeon or something.
I also can't find any help from FAQ. Given that the early game should be "easy", don't you think there should be more guidance around gathering? Or you considered it as some kind of advanced gameplay for players to dig out?


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Re: Guidance around gathering?
« Reply #1 on: 17:55:58 - 06/13/14 »
Mining - Destroy the rocks
Herbalism - Protect the trees, bushes and flowers
Condensing - Bring the essences life down to something like 15%.  I forget the exact number.

You first learn mining in chapter 1 checkpoint 6. The story tells you to "...break them, and break the pieces again until there is nothing left but rubble. Sometimes, we can find scraps of metallic ore among the rubble. If you are lucky, you might even find a precious gem or two.  Usually, the big nodes hold harder metal than the smaller ones. Depending on the weapons you want to forge, you could be aiming for one type or the other."  I'm also suggesting a much shorter version of that as that checkpoint's Hint.

Herbalism and Condensing are both learned in dungeons, and both of them have an NPC in the fight that tells you exactly what to do.  And you'll likely complete that fight multiple times as you farm the dungeon.  I'm not sure what else could be added there?

I guess an entry could be added into one of the FAQs that explicitly restates the mechanics of all three gathering types.
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