Author Topic: Impressions - 4/18/14  (Read 2289 times)


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Impressions - 4/18/14
« on: 00:02:27 - 04/19/14 »
Finished up the last dungeon and campaign fights in the current patch.  Good stuff.

I tried to keep my moment-to-moment impressions in the spreadsheet. My overall impression is E2 is fun to play and has a solid core to build upon.  I'd say that it is time to decide on what secondary systems are going to make the cut (jobs, skills, etc) and make a push for further development and integration of those systems.

Things I would absolutely address before an open beta:  tutorials, keyboard controls and any helpful visual indicators you can add to make things more obvious.

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Re: Impressions - 4/18/14
« Reply #1 on: 09:31:01 - 04/22/14 »
tutorials are almost done now, we'll show them at the open beta. i struggled quite a bit with these,
if players don't like them, i'll have to redo them all over again i think.

you are talking about battle keyboard shortcuts/visual fx i think, we should improve the battle system
little by little, based on players feedback. but there's a lot of room for that, yep.