Author Topic: So thats what that icon is...  (Read 1871 times)


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So thats what that icon is...
« on: 17:35:26 - 04/17/14 »
So I was laughing at the little dragon arm in the dungeon boss icon and I decided to take a closer look at it, to see if it really was a little t-rex arm or what...  and instead I noticed that the trash mob icon was NOT actually a dead rat.  It is a wolf and... something.

I guess that makes more sense than a dead rat, but it kinda kills the meta-commentary.

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Re: So thats what that icon is...
« Reply #1 on: 08:46:19 - 04/18/14 »
it's a leaping wolf, but since i suck at drawing it comes out looking like this :D