Author Topic: Campaign vs Dungeon difficulty  (Read 2236 times)


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Campaign vs Dungeon difficulty
« on: 01:34:39 - 04/12/14 »
Just an observation:

In the long run, the campaign will probably be considered harder than the dungeons, even though most of the campaign is pretty easy, simply because you only win each fight once.

Everyone would always "complain" how new E1 dungeons were so hard or RNG-dependent when they came out, but within two weeks theyre always on ezmode farm, just because people can tinker with their gear fight after fight and get their win percentage up.  With E2's campaign, everyone will just barely make it through the harder fights and never see them again.  The option to go back and refight it is always there, but without a reason to do so repeatedly (no loot or xp, which is fine), there is no reason to optimize their gear and the fight will always be "hard".

Just thought it was interesting.
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Re: Campaign vs Dungeon difficulty
« Reply #1 on: 08:50:11 - 04/18/14 »
mostly because campaign is missing "challenge mode" at the moment. you need to complete a bunch of
achievement while your hp/spi are normalized and newly introduced op cards are not allowed. you can
win normal mode with a bit of luck but we hope you can't do that in challenge mode.