Author Topic: Solution for beta battle connection troubles  (Read 2652 times)


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Solution for beta battle connection troubles
« on: 14:08:13 - 03/25/14 »
Here is the instruction for those who have trouble with battle and chat.

1. visit you'll see a browser warning something like "The site's security certificate is not trusted!",
click on "Proceed anyway" (Chrome) or "Add to exceptions" (Firefox). Don't worry, we are not trying to hack anything,
it just means we are using self-created certificates for the beta instead of buying from certificate authorities. You won't
see this message when the game is released.

2. visit click through the same warning. (you'll see an empty page, it's OK.)

3. visit to do a connection check. You should see "Success" now if you have
a popular antivirus now.

If the game still doesn't work for you, please report your antivirus brand/version. We'll do tests to make it work.
Thank you.

(This is a repost to make the solution easier to find, the original explanation is