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Tutorial en español (Spanish Tutorial)
« on: 03:32:44 - 02/10/14 »
Hi all, i created this thread to begin the translation of the tutorial created by Sdrja and thus help spanish speakers players in Estiah.

In Spanish: Hola a todos, he creado este post para comenzar con la traduccion del tutorial creado por Srdja y asi ayudar a los hermanos hispanoparlantes en Estiah.

Bienvenido al maravilloso mundo de Estiah! Este juego fue creado por Nipal y Lezard, y se puso en marcha el 17 de mayo de 2008. Durante el ultimo año ha sido el juego que mas me atrajo y es por eso que he decidido escribir este pequeño tutorial, para ayudar a los nuevos jugadores a descubrir este maravilloso juego.

Cuando entres por primera vez, veras la pantalla de tu personaje y aparecera un pequeño tutorial. Este tutorial es muy util y te sugiero que lo leas atentamente por completo. La pantalla de tu personaje puede parecer abrumadora la primera vez, pero es ahi donde este tutorial y el del juego mismo te ayudaran! La imagenes y el texto tienen un codigo de colores.


Los personajes en Estiah tienen 4 stats principales (o atributos), Poder (Pow), Destreza (Dex), Intelecto (Int) y Constitucion (Con). A diferencia de otros juegos, subir tus stats no te hara pegar mas fuerte, tampoco te hara absorber mas daño. Las stats determinan que CHARMS eres capas de usar. Las CHARMS son como las famosas "Cartas Magicas", justamente estan basadas en estas. Entonces, elevar el Intelecto no te hara provocar mas daño magico, pero te hara capas de usar Charms que requieren mayor Intelecto. Las Charms seran mejor explicadas en su propia seccion.

Next, you have your Hit Points (HP) and Spirit (Spi). Hit Points determine how much damage you can take before you are knocked unconscious and lose. However, reducing the enemy's HP to zero is not the only way to win. Spirit represents how many charms you are able to use in a Gear (deck for people that played TCGs). You make your own gears by combining charms in your collection so you can defeat anything that stands on your path. When you engage an enemy in battle you take turns playing a charm from your gears at random. If you don't have any charms to play, you lose.

There's also the What's new section where you can see the players that attacked you, Personal Messages you received, results from Coliseums, Pet tournaments and such. Character advancement section shows you how much your character has evolved in each of the 4 ways.

Estiah's leveling system is quite different from other games. In other RPGs you get stats when you level up. In Estiah, you level up when you get enough stats. See the progress bar over there? It represents how many stats you need to level up. There are three ways to gain stats:
1. Do the daily job
2. Level up a skill
3. Eat food (You can only eat food from level 20 and onward so this will not be covered in the tutorial)

There are two types of stats, normal and special. You can gain normal stats from doing the daily job and eating food. Special stats are gained from skills and Elixirs (a type of food). You have a limit of how many normal stat points you can gain for your character, that's what Character Growth (x/900) represents. Special stats don't count in Character Growth and there's no limit to how many you can gain.


Skills are one of the most important aspects of Estiah and are your main source of attribute points. You can view the progress of your skills under the Character (L. X) menu -> view your skills They are divided into 4 categories:

1. Battle - these skills are gained from using certain types of Charms, or specific strategies during battles. For example, using a lot of charms with the Fire rune will level your Fire skill, while using a lot of charms that destroy Armor will level your Destruction skill.

2. Trade Skills - they are gained from Gathering, doing certain jobs and doing events.

3. Evolution - mostly by doing jobs, pet racing and fighting and PvPing.

4. Renown - you don't gain attribute points from them. Their usual reward is a title, but they can have other rewards as well. A title is a word that you can put in front or behind your name to signify that you accomplished something, for example there's a title for killing a lot of Golems called Golem Crusher. You would then be called Golem Crusher <name>.
Most skills have several ranks and you gain attributes only after you have Mastered them (filled the bar). Higher ranks of skills open up as you level up, Rank 2 of most basic Battle skills (Fire, Sword, etc.) open up every 10 levels. Your character will evolve as you play him, if you insist on using charms with the Fire rune you will level your Fire skill quickly and thus gain Power and Intellect.


Estiah is a RPG at heart, and as all RPGs, has different classes. The classes are divided into Tiers 1, 2 and 3 (T1, T2 and T3). Everyone starts off as an adventurer and can later specialize into a T1 class at level 20, T2 at level 30 and T3 at level 40. You can view the class hierarchy here. There is also class-specialized board where you can check out individual strategies for each class. You can specialize into a class if you fulfill the requirements (stats and mastered skills for T1 and T2 with an addition of items for T3) by going to the Class Guild hall. You can check where each class's guild hall is by hovering over cities on the map.

You should play the game however you like and let the skills and your class come naturally. Are you an evil black mage that wants to light his opponents on fire? Use Fire and Shadow. Or are you a shining Paladin that wants to protect his allies but still be able to smite evil wherever it shows? Maces and Holy are your thing. There's no way to screw up your character before level 12-15 at all. Even if you think you're screwed at 30 you can probably still recover. Around level 10 you will no longer be able to use all the charms you get so you will have to prioritize stat points to be able to use the charms you want.


Almost everything that you can do in Estiah requires Action Points (AP). You gain 20AP every 2 hours, so you have 240AP to use up each day. The maximum amount of AP you can store is 1200, but you gain AP slower the more you have over 360. It is most effective to use up all of your AP daily. Each Dungeon encounter uses 15AP, Events and Arena use 12AP and Gathering uses 10AP. Attacking a player of your own or lower level in Player vs. Player (PvP) combat uses 10AP while attacking a player higher level than you uses 1 less AP per each level he's higher than you.

A lot of stuff in Estiah happens on a clock:
You get 20 AP every 2 hours
Dungeons reset every 12 hours
Events reset 20 hours after you complete them
Job, travel and PvP diminishing returns reset every 24 hours


Near the top of the screen, there's a menu bar that will help you navigate. Hovering over each of the sections of the menu bar makes a menu drop down.

Player (L. X) menu lets you:
View you character - returns you to the main character screen
View your skills - shows the progress of your skills.
View your fights - gives you the list of all of your fights in the last 7 days. They are private. You can make them Public by pressing the corresponding button. Public fights are kept forever, but you only have space for 5 public fights.
View your charms - gives you an overview of your charm collection
View your private messages - this is your Private Message (PM) Inbox. You can Private Message other players by opening their character profile and selecting Messages.
Support the game - this section allows you to donate to help Estiah. The stuff you get for donating doesn't imbalance the game in any way, it is mostly for convenience. If you like the game, please consider donating.
Below all of this you have your gears. Clicking on the name of one brings you to the Gear builder that we will discuss later.

City X menu
Visit city places - allows you to visit everything the city has to offer: dungeons, market, gathering, discovered sites, guild halls, etc.
Go to city market - let's you buy items and charms the city is selling. You can also craft charms here. In Estiah, players do not possess the knowledge to craft charms so you have to pay people that specialize in crafting to do it for you.
Auction House - items and charms are put up here by cities, so players can bid on them. Player's can't put up items or charms to auction off. It is very good for obtaining charms that need some hard to get materials to craft
Bounty Board - you can view the list of most wanted players here. Defeating them in PvP will bring you money and fame. IF you don't like someone, why don't you try putting a bounty on his head?
View world map - you can view the world map here. It allows you to check what dungeons and guild halls are in what cities and also lets you move around.
Market rates for the city you're currently in are also displayed here.

Action Xpts menu
Player versus Player, Coliseum and Outlaw Hunt - all of this is explained in the Player versus Player section.
Arena - takes you to the arena to fight monsters for gold.
Gathering - go to the wilderness to gather some precious materials
Below all that are the dungeons available in the city.

Jobless/Job menu
Apply for a new job - takes you to the recruiter where you can apply for a job. You can do a job daily and you should do it every day so that your character advances at a steady rate. On the recruiter's screen you can see what you will get from doing a job; jobs can reward stats, gold, skills and items. Clicking on the name of a job shows exactly what it will reward. If the "skill" on the right of the job is yellow it means you still haven't mastered it. If it's gray it means you have. There are even special jobs that allow you to move to other cities. Try doing a job now. Choose a job you like and press "Apply". You still haven't worked though, pressing "Work" after you've pressed "Apply" will actually make you go to work and give you the rewards form the job. The list might seem small now, but as you level up more jobs will show up.

Pet racing and fighting, adopt a pet - takes you to those screens. Will be further explained in the pets section.


Items are used for multitude of purposes and you can get them from almost anywhere. There are 6 colors of items in Estiah.
Grey - very common items, they are not used in crafts or anything else and are mostly safe to sell.
Green - They are used for crafts or have other purposes, they are common
Blue - special drops from dungeons mostly, used for crafting powerful charms and items
Brown - items that drop from players when you defeat them in PvP
Red - consumable items, mostly foods
Purple - special items

Inventory X/100 menu:
View your inventory - shows all the items in your Inventory and your Storage. Items you get from Dungeons and Events go into Storage first, which is unlimited, but they disappear after 7 days if you don't reclaim them into your inventory. Green clock by the items in Storage means you have more than 3 days to reclaim them, yellow means between 1 and 3 days and red means you have less than a day left. Items have different types which are displayed in the pop up you get when you hover over the item's name. Clicking on the buttons in the filter group allows you to view only items of a certain type. You can also sort them by using the sorting options on the upper right. You can manipulate the storage to let you keep your items for a long time. If there's only 1 day left on 1 Mithril Bar in your storage and you receive another that gets put into storage, the timer will be reset and you will have 7 days to reclaim your 2 Mithril Bars. Reclaiming an item from storage puts it into your inventory. You can also sell items from this screen. Item's selling price is determined by the current market rate of the items type in the city you are in. You can view the market rate in the city's market screen. The traders also take a 20% cut so the items you sell will be valued at 20% less than the market price.

Reclaim items in storage - puts all of your items that are currently in storage into your inventory.

View your achievements - for doing extraordinary deeds in the land of Estiah you can gain achievements that you can use to brag to other players.
View adventurer's diary - shows the story of all the dungeons you finished.
Gold - the main currency of Estiah. This shows you how much you have. Arena is one of the best places to gain gold if you're strapped for cash.
Honor Points - if you're in a guild you can get Guild Honor Points (GHP) with which you can buy charms from the guild's showcase.
Phoenix Feathers - you get them by donating. They are used for buying donation items.


Charms are what you'll use instead of weapons in Estiah. Long ago, the Curse was brought upon the lands of Estiah disallowing the use of any kind of weapons, hoping to bring peace to the land. However, humans have found a way to capture the very essence of weapons and magic into things that we call Charms. Let's take a look at a simple charm:

First we have the charm name, in this case Copper Sword. Next is the charm effects section, in this case 9 Melee (20% P). This means that Copper Sword will do 9 Melee damage with 20% Penetration to the enemy. What is Penetration you ask? In Estiah, Armor is used to defend against Melee damage and Ward is used to defend against Magic damage. If the opponent has 20 Armor on himself and you play a charm with 9 Melee (0% P) you will do 9 damage to his armor, lowering it to 11 but leaving his HP untouched. If you attack him with Copper Sword you will still do 9 damage to his armor, but you will also do 9*0.2%=1.8 damage to his HP, rounded down, so he will also lose 1 HP.

Next section describes the charm's requirements. In this case, Copper Sword requires you to be at least Level 5 and have at least 8 Dexterity and 7 Power. On the lower left and the lower right of the charm are its Runes. Copper Sword only has one Rune, in the lower left, the Sword rune. Think of Runes as types, Copper Sword is obviously a sword so it has the Sword rune. Using charms with a specific Rune will raise the corresponding skill, in this case, Sword skill. There are game mechanics that take Runes into account, but they are only encountered at higher levels. There are 12 Basic weapon runes and 12 T3 classes; each T3 class corresponds to one Rune. If you want to find out more check out Attributes, charms and class relationships. And finally, squarely at the bottom sits a number that shows how many of that specific charm you have. The maximum you can have of one charm is 5.

There are 6 different rarities of charms:
Grey - vendor charms, you can buy them in cities, the weakest type of charms.
Green - treasure charms, drop from dungeons, you will have the most of these in your collection.
Blue - rare charms, drop from dungeon bosses, very powerful.
Yellow - craft charms, their power can vary widely.
Red - class charms, you can get them from your T1, T2 and T3 class guild halls. Specialized but powerful.
Purple - epic charms, they are extremely hard to get but also extremely powerful. Only a few of them are in the game.
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Re: Tutorial en español (Spanish Tutorial)
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Just having a lot of Charms in your collection is not enough. If you want to use them, you have to put them into Gears. Gears are like TCG decks with your Spirit stat describing the maximum number of charms you can put in a gear. You have multiple gear slots at your disposal and you have to learn have to use them to their fullest potential if you want to dominate over others. Only one gear is used for an encounter, you can choose which one unless you are defending in PvP or gathering. Learning how to build gears is one of the most difficult things to do in Estiah, but once you are able to do that effectively, you have mastered the hardest part of the game.

Gear builder can be entered by clicking on the name of one of your gears under Player menu. At the top there's a list of your gears. On the right of that there are three buttons, Attack, Defense and Guild. You can assign one gear to be your default attack gear, it will be automatically selected whenever you attack in PvP, or in dungeons and events. You can always change with what gear you will attack directly from the PvP and Dungeon screens, assigning gear to be your default attack is merely for convenience. The gear you assign to be your default defensive will be used whenever you are attacked in PvP or during Gathering. Default guild gear will be used in Guild vs. Guild warfare.

On the bottom right of your screen, your charm collection is shown. It should be noted that only non-archived charms are displayed here. You can archive charms directly in the gear builder pr on your charm collection screen under Player menu. Archived charms don't show up on the gear builder. You can always unarchive them from your charm collection screen. Later on, when you have a lot of charms this will be a very useful feature to reduce clutter on your gear builder screen. There are ways to filter your charm collection. As your charm collection grow filters become invaluable, learn to love them. There are three buttons for fast selection of runes, Offense (everything from Axe to spirit), Defense (everything from Armor to Willpower) and Support (everything from Summon to Tech). You can achieve the same effect manually, the buttons are here only for convenience. You can also highlight charms with certain effects.

On the bottom left the selected gear is displayed. First line is the gear name. Your first gear will have "Click to rename" instead of its name showing you that you can easily rename them. I suggest you do that, differentiating gears with names such as gear 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be tiring later on. Below the name there's" X/Y charm slots". X represents the current number of charms in your gear while Y represents the maximum possible number. Notice how Y is always equal to your Spirit. On the right there's "clear" which works as advertised: removes all the charms from your gear. Below all of that is the list of charms in your gear. You can add more of the same charms by pressing "+" (if you have more in your collection) or reduce their number by pressing "-". Main way of adding charms to the gear is from the collection on the left by pressing "+".

Whenever you make any changes to the gear you have to save it if you want the changes to stick. That's what the "Save" button is for. There's also the Summary button that provides some useful information about the gear, try it out. Last button is "List" it gives you a list of charms in your gear that you can easily copy-paste if you want to show someone else what gear you're using.

It should be noted that the charms you buy or loot from monsters are added to your collection, not your gears. If you want to use them you have to put them into your gear from the gear builder.


Dungeons are the main part of Player versus Environment (PvE) content in Estiah. They have the best rewards but are also the hardest. Every city has a multiple number of dungeons; check them out by hovering over the city's name on the world map. They can be accessed on the main city screen or under the Action menu. Dungeons are made out of multiple encounters; the last one of them is commonly referred to as the Boss of the dungeon. When you beat him you can't do the dungeon again until it resets, every 12 hours. If you're stuck at fight number 3 for example and the dungeon resets, you will be back on fight number 1.

Dungeons are your main source of Charms and you should do them as much as possible. Bosses usually drop a blue charm that is more powerful than the green charms you get from the other fights (his underlings). Dungeons have their recommended level that is displayed next to their name. You can do a dungeon when you are recommended level -5, so you can do a level 7 dungeon at level 2. You probably couldn't win but it is possible at higher levels. There's no upper level limit for doing the dungeon. If you are 3 levels higher than the mobs (dungeon monsters) you are fighting you won't gain skills from them, but that's it. We will examine in detail how to do a dungeon in the First Steps section.


Crafting charms requires rare materials. Some of them can be found by doing dungeons, but most can't. That's where gathering comes in. You gather the materials by going into the wilderness and chopping wood, mining, condensing, gathering herbs. Wood, mining and herbs are self-explanatory, but what is condensing you ask? Vita and Kata are magic energies of Estiah and to be able to gather them, you first have to Condense them. The process of condensing both Vita and Kata is the same so they fall under the same skill.

At first you will only be able to do Casual gathering, but as you gather more stuff your corresponding skills will increase and thus allow you to gather rarer things. For example, if you mine a lot your mining skill will increase and once you master rank 1 you will be able to use Apprentice Mining to gather rarer minerals.
Gathering is not without its dangers. Wilderness of Estiah are treacherous, you will get attacked by wild beasts but also by fellow gatherers. Your defensive gear will be used for those battles. Be prepared.

During gathering you might stumble upon ancient ruins or some other important Sites. They can contain mobs that you can defeat for crafting materials or even secret shops where you can buy Charms. You can view all the sites you have discovered at the bottom of the city's main screen. To the right of the discovered site it might say "event", "shop" or nothing. If it says event you will have to fight monsters and can get some nice rewards. Events reset 20 hours after you beat them.  If it says nothing it means the site was empty and that there's nothing there.


You can fight monsters in the arena for gold and skill points. Every battle costs 12AP. They don't drop Charms or materials, but they are an excellent source of gold. You should always fight the strongest monster you can consistently beat. If their name on the list is grayed out it means they are more than 3 levels lower than you and you can't gain skill points from them.

You can view basic information about your opponent here.

There's a Settings box here with some stuff we haven't encountered yet. Battle animation mode: Automatic, Manual, Skip This setting determines how the battle will be played back. If you select automatic charms will be cycled automatically at a predefined speed that you can increase or decrease by pressing the + or - buttons. You will have to cycle charms manually by pressing the corresponding buttons. "Skip" skips the whole animation and shows you the result along with the battle log. You can switch from manual to automatic and skip to the end in the battle replay itself as well.

Display the battle log shows the battle log of the entire fight after it is done. Save fight saves a replay of the battle in your fights list so that you can review them. Battle gear to be used determines the gear you will fight the monster with. Try fighting the sewer rat to familiarize yourself with the battle replay tool, it will be invaluable. After the fight finishes and you are shown the battle log you can hover over charm names to view their effects. You will need to know what the enemy's charms do if you want to beat some tougher bosses.


Fighting stupid monsters can become boring. If you're looking for a challenge, try fighting other players! By winning over other players you will be rewarded skills and soul dust/fragments/shards/gems/crystals which can be used to craft powerful charms in Safe Cities (Inachis, Lumina, Zeal). You can't do normal PvP in safe cities but you can still hunt outlaws there. Soul Dust is gained for defeating players level 1-9, Fragments for 10-19, etc. You will only be shown players within 3 levels of your own since you can only get skills and soul items from them. If the person you're attacking is lower level than you, the chance of Soul item drop decreases. You can only fight a player once during the 24 hour period, you don't get any rewards for fighting him again and his name turns gray. It will turn back to yellow when the PvP reset happens (every 24 hours with the exact time specific to your character).

There's also something called Skirmish fights. You can select if you want to fight players in normal PvP or in Skirmish on the main PvP screen. If you Skirmish a player you won't get any rewards when you win and his name will turn gray meaning you can't attack him again until the PvP reset. You get 40 Skirmishes a day and they cost no AP so they are a good way to test your gear.

Fighting other players will also net you fame in the form of rating points. Take a look back on the main character screen, do you see rating and max rating? Max rating shows what the maximum value for your rating is. Defeating players will only raise your rating, and not your max rating. To raise it you will have to fight in the Coliseum. You will be granted access to the Coliseum when you reach level 15. There are three different "disciplines", 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3. Coliseum starts every 12 hours and at that time signed players (1v1) or teams (2v2 and 3v3) are divided into brackets of 8 people/teams each. There are 3 rounds and they are single elimination. Only the people that fought in the finals get rewards which are rating, max rating and an item for the winner and rating and max rating for the loser.

Some players have bounties on them and you can hunt them for money. That's what Outlaw hunt is for; it shows you the list of all the players with bounties. You can only claim bounty from players that are your level-1 and higher. This is to prevent high levels players picking on the weak for bounties. Every player that defeats the bounties player gets 1/5th of the bounty. After 5 players defeat him the bounty is gone. Players lose more rating when defeated while bountied and can also lose max rating. There's no other way to lose max rating so be careful! Defending yourself while bountied has its rewards as well.

If you are defeated by a much higher level player, don't despair, you don't lose anything if this happens.


In Estiah, you can adopt an animal to be your pet. You can send your pet to fight with other pets or race with them. Adopting a pet is easy. Press "Adopt a pet" under the Job/Jobless menu and select an animal in your inventory. If you don't have any animals you can get one by doing Inachis Sewers dungeon (will be explained in the First Steps section). Now that you have adopted a pet, open its main screen by clicking on its name under Job/Jobless menu.

You can rename your pet by clicking on its name. The pet becomes hungry every 2 hours and you can feed it with an item from your inventory. Every item you feed it will raise its mood but some of them will also change its stats. Choosing the right food to raise or lower the stat you want is mostly trial and error. You can see the pet's stats below; growth represents how many more stats the pet can gain. If the pet is in a bad mood it can refuse to race or fight. Making it fight and race will lower its mood. Stats and runes have no influence over racing.

Below all of this are the Pet's Runes. They represent the gear the pet will use when fighting, the runes will be used in the order you arrange them in. Your pet can know a maximum of 3 of the same rune with the total maximum of 20. Feeding it items with the name Feral Rune: X will give it the X rune. These items can be bought in most cities. There other items that can give runes to your pet, but you will have to discover that yourself! You should fill all the 20 rune slots as soon as possible, because if the opponent has more runes than you he will get 1 free point for each one.

The rune system works in the rock-paper-scissors fashion while stats determine what happens in the case when two same runes fight each other. You will have to analyze your pet's battles if you want to become the best pokemon pet trainer there is!

You can send your pet racing on the corresponding screen by selecting it and pressing "Queue". 4 Pet races and Pet fights happen during 24 hours. When sending your pet racing you can also select three items that will serve as boosters. Some items have positive and some items have a negative effect. Effects of boosters are largely unknown so be sure to experiment!

If you want to send your pet fighting you have a choice between three different leagues. Opponents are weakest in the Bunny league but the rewards are also small. Dragon league holds the strongest players that have truly mastered the art of pet fighting and as such has the biggest rewards.


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Re: Tutorial en español (Spanish Tutorial)
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Even after reading this tutorial the game might still seem mystified and hard to you. The best way to learn something is by doing it and that is exactly what we will do here!
The sewers of Inachis are infested with rats and other vermin, why don't we clean them up, we might even earn some money doing it. Under action menu select "Inachis Sewers". Are you brave enough to press "Enter" and face the horrors that lie below?

Our first fight is against a Hamster and a Mouse, notice the drop down box next to your picture? That's how you decide what gear to use in the fight. We will use the default gear, so press "Fight". You can manipulate the battle replay as explained in the Arena and Battle Replay section.

After the fight finishes you are presented with the items you have gained and the battle log. Notice how we got a grand total of 3 gold. We also got Rat Hair, which is an item and Bronze Helm, a green charm. Hovering over the name of the charm will show you its stats. We can see our skill, Sewer Cleaner also increased. This is a Renown skill, but it doesn't reward you with a title, when you master it you are rewarded with 500 gold. I suggest you take your time to do so, 500 gold is very useful at the beginning of the game. When you are ready, press "Continue this event".

Our next fight is going to be a bit harder, but no vermin can stand before our might!

This time we receive a bit more items and another charm. We will put these items to good use later. Let's see what awaits us in the third room, press "Continue this event" Third fight is against even more rats, but they are still not a problem. After the fight you will receive more items. Press "Continue this event" to come to the boss of the dungeon, the Rat God. Try fighting him.

Can you see why you lost? You ran out of charms to play before you could kill him, that's called exhaustion. Let's go back to the city and formulate a new plan. Press "go back to city". We're now going to get a job so that we can reach level 2. Press "Recruiter's Room". We're presented with a list of jobs we can do, choose the one you like and press "apply". "Apply" is now replaced with "Work"; press it to actually do the job. You can do a job every 24 hours and can change what job you want to do whenever you want by visiting the Recruiter's Hall. Different cities have different jobs available. After doing our daily job we've gained a new level and our HP has increased. Your HP increases every level while your Spirit increases by 1 every 2 levels.

This won't help us defeat the Rat God so let's go back to the city, Press "City Inachis" on the menu bar and we're back on the main city screen. What do we need to be able to defeat the Rat God? More charms in our gear. There are 3 ways to get charms: buy them from the city vendors, craft them or get them as loot from dungeons. We've already seen the charms we got as loot, let us now buy some charms. Press "Market". From this screen you can access all the shops this city has to offer. We're interested in low level charms so let's enter "Charm Bazaar".

There's a big selection here, but let's just buy what we need, 3 Large bones should be enough. If you don't have the money to buy all 3, that's all right, we'll get more money in a minute. Under the Action Xpts menu select Arena. Fight a rat in the arena, After the battle you'll be 4 gold richer. Do that 5 times and we'll have enough gold for one more Large bone.

Now that we have our new charms let's put them to use. Under Character (L. 2) press Default Gear 2. This will bring us to the gear builder. If you haven't already read Gears section I suggest you do it. We're going to add Large bones to our gear.

In the collection part of the screen find Large bone, to the right of it there will be an "+" button. Press it as many times as you have Large bones to add all of them to your gear. If you have other charms not used in your gear add them as well. When you add all the copies of one charm to your gear, the charm in your collection will be dimmed. While we're at it, let's also change the name of your gear. Press "Click here to rename" on the left part of the screen and rename your gear to "Rat God Killer". We're not done yet, we have made significant changes to our gear and the gear builder is warning us the changes are not saved yet. Press the save button. Now we're ready to face him once again.

Go to the dungeon again (Action menu -> Inachis Sewers). Notice how we don't have to get through the entire dungeon again. You only have to go through the entire dungeon if a dungeon reset occurred (every 12 hours). The gear we have currently selected is Default Gear 1, the gear that failed to kill the Rat God last time. Let us select the gear we made specifically for killing the Rat God. Press the drop-down box and from the list select Rat God Killer. Now press "Fight" and watch as the Rat God meets his demise. Congratulations, you just finished your first dungeon!

Earlier, I said we would put items we got to good use. Let's do that now. Go to the market (City Inachis menu ->Go to city market). Near the bottom, under craft shops there is "Fight With Art". Inside, you will find a great many items to craft, but we're interested in only one, Rat Cloak. Players in Estiah can't craft items because of the Curse (read the game's main Story if you want to find out more) so other people have to do it for them.

If you have all the materials and enough gold, the [craft] button will be visible, press it to craft the charm. Notice the X1 to the right? It means you will get one copy of the charm per craft. If you want 5 copies of the charm you will have to craft it 5 times.


You should complete Inachis Sewer dungeon 5 times to master the Sewer Cleaner skill that will give you 500 gold. To view the progress of your skills under Character (L. X) select view your skills. You can move to other cities from the world map. You only get 1 movement per day. After you're done with the sewers there are other dungeons to conquer:

High Summoner's Study (L. 4) in Eversweep - this dungeon teaches you about Focus. Did you notice how when you fought multiple enemies your charms always hit a random enemy? What if you want all of them to hit the same enemy? That's exactly what Focus does. Focus: 4 means that the next 4 charms your team plays will hit the same enemy.

HolyGrace Square (L. 4) in Aleas - teaches you about Protect. Protect is something like an inverse focus, if your ally plays Protect: 4, the next 4 charms the enemy team plays will target him.

River's Edge (L. 5) in Inachis - teaches you that normal armor and ward doesn't stack. if you have 12 Armor on yourself and you play a 6 armor charm nothing will happen. If you, however, play 6 armor (cumul) charm you will now have 12+6=18 Armor

The first couple of dungeons will teach you some very important concepts and you should pay attention when doing them. If you can't beat a dungeon view the battle replay where you lost and try to see if you missed something or if the enemy has a certain weakness that you didn't exploit. And, before all, have fun!


One of the best sources of information about the game is its Wiki, learn to love it.
The in-game FAQ is also very useful.
If you're stuck not knowing acronyms and other words people are using, check out the Glossary.
For general tips take a look at List of suggestions for new players
If you're having trouble PvPing at lower levels read Introduction to low level PvP
If you have an unsolvable problem, make a post in the Beginner tips board, people will be glad to help you.
To get a feeling for T3 classes check their respective threads in the Classes Discussion board.
You can also ask for help on Estiah's IRC channel.

I'm open to any constructive criticism and questions. Hope you enjoy this guide!


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Re: Tutorial en español (Spanish Tutorial)
« Reply #3 on: 14:10:22 - 02/10/14 »

That's totally NOT Spanish. And by the way: there is Localized Tutorials section of the forum...


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Re: Tutorial en español (Spanish Tutorial)
« Reply #4 on: 22:52:51 - 02/10/14 »

That's totally NOT Spanish. And by the way: there is Localized Tutorials section of the forum...
I believe he's using this as framework to work on the translation as it goes, thus editing his posts as he's making progress.
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Re: Tutorial en español (Spanish Tutorial)
« Reply #5 on: 06:52:33 - 02/11/14 »
Good job Wishen! It'll definitely help native spanish speakers.

That's totally NOT Spanish. And by the way: there is Localized Tutorials section of the forum...

The devs can always move this thread to the localized tutorials section.


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Re: Tutorial en español (Spanish Tutorial)
« Reply #6 on: 22:43:39 - 02/11/14 »

That's totally NOT Spanish. And by the way: there is Localized Tutorials section of the forum...
I believe he's using this as framework to work on the translation as it goes, thus editing his posts as he's making progress.

Thanks, yes, i using this post as a framework... the translation is on the way... hope this help spanish speakers on the game...
When i finish translation of this tutorial, i think to translate other useful post in "Begginers Tips" section.

Greeting from Argentina!

(Sorry about my english)