Author Topic: Punished for Early Choices?  (Read 7440 times)


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Punished for Early Choices?
« on: 01:10:48 - 01/10/14 »
Hi all, Vesz here,

I am returning to Estiah, I played sometime ago, and never really got that far, but have been craving a game like it for a while now.

As I consider my Character's career (Scout through to Assassin) I'm met with a feeling that bothered my on my first play through too, that being, how important are my choices in the beginning? Can wrong moves early on ruin my character late game?

I'm slightly nuerotic, so I won't start until I know what it is I need to do to have an effective character late game.

Some questions that might ease my mind:

1) Jobs or no Jobs?

2) Stat targets at different milestones, ideal/max stats for a generic Assassin late game?

3) is it possible to have too much invested in your main stats?

4) Can working the wrong job early on mean the difference between say using a high-level-off-spec charm or not?

I have trauled the forums and struggled to find this information, the class discussions revolve around high level / PvP, and so I don't know what to do before that.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can be bothered helping me out, this forum from memory was exceedingly accomodating, so I look forward to become an active member once more.


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Re: Punished for Early Choices?
« Reply #1 on: 02:43:39 - 01/10/14 »
Hello, welcome back!

First things first: you cannot really ruin your character due to early mistakes. Worst that can happen is not learning some specific battle skills like Charm Alchemist before hitting level 51++ as some might become tedious to grind for due to the limited number of places where you'll be able to get them. That's very specific however and hardly an issue. As far as class choices go, they only remotely matter, although your class path will give you an edge in a specific area depending which you choose, but for what it's worth, you can be competitive as an Adventurer even in the endgame.

Now to answer your questions:

1) If you want to go for efficiency, I'd use jobs scarcely early on. No need to go with a drastic "0 job" policy, but don't rely on it too much. Starting when you get to level 10, you can use the jobs that allow you one extra move per day, making farming several dungeons at the same time easier. Basically, you want to get all the battle skills you can, especially those giving extra HP/Spirit. If you level up by using jobs a lot (and thus "using up" your growth faster), this is likely to happen:
a) you'll probably find yourself undergeared for your level as you'll level up faster than you will get charms for said level
b) you'll also most likely have less HP/Spirit than people of the same level who'll have taken the time to master battle skills instead of using jobs to level up faster
c) you may find yourself around early/middle level 40 with no growth left, with only battle skills and 1 elixir (+1 stat point) a day left as means of getting stats. While the total stat points you can get from jobs/food is the same for everybody (900), note that it's easier to farm most battle skills in dungeons early on and then use jobs in the 30s-40s to adjust your stats and keep leveling at a steady pace while collecting charms. It's a tedious path at first, but you'll catch-up to those who'll have speed-leveled around lvl 40, and will have better skills, HP/Spirit and a wider charm collection in general

2) late game thanks to elixirs (+1 stat per day, in whatever stat you wish, not counting towards growth and thus not capped) you will not be capped in the maximum stats you get. Thus you don't need to plan too hard (not that early on anyway) since eventually you'll get all your stats above 700 and will thus be able to play any charm.

3) It is, to some extent, especially during the early/mid-game. Investing stats doesn't directly improve your character, as statistics are only used to determine which charms you have access to or not. Besides, although the early dungeons/fights are pretty easy, the learning curve catches up and around the mid-game you'll be forced to use strategies/runes that aren't your main strategies as an Assassin to beat some dungeons, so you want to be decently able to play strategies involving none of your main stats. Best course of action yet is, if you make the choice of leveling through battle skills, trying to more or less plan out in which order you want to get them (you'll want to master every single battle skill eventually) and adjusting your stats with jobs when you need a certain stat-level for a specific charm you want to use.

4) Not really, there isn't really "wrong" jobs, although if you get your stats heavily skewed it might get tedious to fix (but you can ALWAYS fix it eventually, as mentioned above, with elixirs if anything)..

If any of the points I'm making isn't clear enough to you, or you would like more information, feel free to ask about it here!
Also, as the "taking few jobs" approach can be a bit tedious/grindy, especially for a relatively new player, note that you're allowed to make as many accounts as you want (so long as they don't directly help each other, though they're definitely allowed to be in the same guild and cooperate) and thus as many characters as you want. I therefore recommend having one character played more carelessly and leveling up through jobs a bit more so to explore the early game and have a better experience overall, while taking the more efficient approach on your main character(s).

PS: I've sent you an invite to our training guild WAND, it was specifically designed to help out new players with learning the game, and you're free to leave it anytime for another guild or to make your own guild if you ever wish to. Literally no downside in joining!
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Re: Punished for Early Choices?
« Reply #2 on: 23:55:33 - 01/12/14 »
Thank you so much! Phenomenal, you've answered everything in such detail I'm in your debt. :)

I shall be getting involved in this community from today onwards. Thanks for the guild invite too!