Author Topic: Needing Help Regarding Estiah  (Read 2635 times)


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Needing Help Regarding Estiah
« on: 08:08:04 - 12/29/13 »
My name is Asanarth, and I am new to Estiah. This is my first time ever playing, and playing a game like this. I did do the tutorials, and finished out the first dungeon as well as a few arena fights. I chose errand boy for my job, and am wondering what I should do now, or what direction to take with my character?

I have browsed the tutorials in the forum, but its a lot to take in I suppose, and overwhelming as this game is unique compared to other games, which is a good thing! as you don't find many unique games like this (For a TCG which is what this is I believe?) often.

It seems like though the game will take a long time to progress through seeing as you can only work every 24 hours, but maybe its actually a good thing its that way, and I just don't understand game.

Any help I would greatly appreciate, and even in game if you can. Thank you!


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Re: Needing Help Regarding Estiah
« Reply #1 on: 10:42:46 - 12/29/13 »
first of all, visit Wiki, if haven't, and check on classes. Choosing a class will help to determine what stats you need most. Second, you don't really have to work every day, just take your time and master skills, later it can be much harder to do. Third, do some gathering, explorer skill gives some aditional hp.

Also, you might find useful in having some scripts