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Re: Unbound Fight 3
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Thanks for the verbose feedback, especially the stuff regarding the pre-live versions. Awesome bits of insight.

Fight 1
So yeah, Tranquility probably ruined the difficulty of the fight at the last moment.

To be fair, countering the curse isn't really mandatory. Good success rates can be achieved with summons too - but you need The Slaughterer, and you still need to shortdeck.

Fight 3
That said, I really did expect some targeting help and/or some anti-summon charms to go with the group support.

It can be done, yes... but why ? Running longer decks won't improve the success rates. The other way around, I'd say (i.e. in my experience).

Fight 4
So you were never really intended to short deck F4 at any point.  Though with the dps boost given to A & G, I can see how it could be possible with a 40-50 charm deck.  So not really a 'short' deck, but smaller than normal.

I respectfully disagree with that statement (N.B. having the live version in mind). Getting the bound essences implies both a combo and self-stuns. That's quite enough to "force" people into shortdecking. The fact that you can't tank Aurora the old fashioned way (the same Aurora which starts hitting like a truck after a while) doesn't help either.

To be fair, the friggin' combo charms aren't nearly as aggravating here as they are on WWS. That event site is in a league of its own, as far as sadism goes. :laugh: