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Lightning r1
« on: 05:02:20 - 05/04/13 »
Does anyone know a good way to reach lightning R1


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Re: Lightning r1
« Reply #1 on: 08:02:31 - 05/04/13 »
use a lot of lighting rune in a battle.


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Re: Lightning r1
« Reply #2 on: 10:16:22 - 05/04/13 »
there is 2 ways to get your skills up:
a) use some of lightning (or any other charm you need to lvl up) in your dungeons gear, just put few charms, so it won't hurt you badly and you win battle with some exp on skill.
b) pick target in arena and grind - target should be no more than 3 lvl below you and should have less spirit than you. then put enough armor/ward to survive till enemy exhausts and fill gear with charms of skill you wan't to train.

also use dual rune charms whenever you can, you get exp for both runes then