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Blood Drake Curse deck
« on: 01:14:19 - 02/12/13 »
Since I got amazed by boiling blood decks couple weeks ago, I wanted to build one myself and got one that is decent and wins me good portion of fights, even against opposing boiling blood decks.
But since I got this Blood Drake Curse too with me and I am champion, which gives me Vital Point, I wanna build something around it.

So far this is best version I got, but it's even more hit or miss than boiling blood deck and besides Vital Point, all the delayed bane charms are kinda meh. Can you suggest some I should grind? Also Poison Igniter is weird too, since sometimes it hits for 12 or even 0 and sometimes it does big damage, like 80+ and , but I feel like deck doesnt do enough damage even then to people at 1200+ hp enemies.

Here's the list:

Poison Igniter x5
Blood Drake Curse x5
Premonition x5
Vital Point x5
Tremor Punch x5
Dynamite x5
Opening x5
Mach Fist x5


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Re: Blood Drake Curse deck
« Reply #1 on: 10:27:57 - 02/12/13 »
You can use the phantom weapons (e.g. phantom flame, phantom hammer: 58 dmg after 4 turns) to replace tremor punch and poison igniter, and you may add a few more extra actions (steelberry elixir, luminous idea, blood aegis). But the best thing I've seen out there was a mix of the boiling blood and delayed banes gear - you have vital point (the best delayed bane), and premonition triggers both "sides", so you can get the best of both worlds... Try squirmishing some of the top champions for an idea ;-)

The general problem with daleyed banes in 1v1 is that there are just not enough charms to make a decent deck, and/or the banes' trigger window is not long enough (4-5 turns). Someone correct me if I'm wrong!


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Re: Blood Drake Curse deck
« Reply #2 on: 17:25:03 - 02/12/13 »
poison igniter is good only in nor mal banes+extenders decks, because it hits depends on how much banes and curses is on opponent, in delayed banes deck it's like 4-5 banes at time, so like 60 dmg is max. you can add grim presence to your deck, it's EA bane, so you won't lose turn and increase effectivness of igniter a bit. And i agree with powerslave, delayed banes + delayed auras is nasty combo, atleast i have more problems with them than plain delayed auras decks.

Wish you luck with this strategy, always nice to see someone who's not doing like all others, but trying something new, probably every second 45-50 lvl uses boiling blood/premonition, and second half goes with spirit :D

Also, in general, you are correct on lenght of banes, Powerslave, probably only Vital Point is 6 turns