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Trigger the effect of...
« on: 07:26:07 - 05/10/12 »
A new mechanism. This charm effect will trigger a previous charm's effect if it has been played at least once. e.g.

Slumbering Mail
106 Armor
106 Ward
Aura: Trigger a Microgyne Refractor when stunned during 10 turns

Triggered effect is considered as an extra turn(a normal one, not an extra action). It can benefit from modifiers, pass on auras & banes(with their length -1) and form combos. (The mere exception is, a triggered effect cannot trigger any other triggered effects. It does not count as a "played charm" either. e.g. [Wisdom] cannot benifit from this.)

Slash and Thrust
27 Melee (5% P)
21 Melee (25% P)  if it is not a triggered effect
Trigger any Slash and Thrust played in the last 6 turns

If you've played 2 [Slash and Thrust] in the last 6 turns, the charm sequence would become(while playing the 3rd):

(Your turn)
Turn 0: [Slash and Thrust] 27 Melee; 21 Melee
Turn 1: [Slash and Thrust] 27 Melee (extra turn for you)
Turn 2: [Slash and Thrust] 27 Melee (extra turn for you)
(Your opponent's turn)
Turn 3: ......

Even more devastating:

Forked Lightning
25 Shifting (20% P)
[If last rune used is Lightning]
Trigger any Forked Lightning

The fifth draw becomes a 5-hit like effect. (Still as not good as [Gravity Spear], a current 6-hit like effect.) (Self-trigger mechanisms are dangerous since it encourages shortdecking.)
Modulation Crystal takes effect, Sourmilk's armor raises to 148
Sourmilk's melee attacks are increased by up to 2940
Sourmilk's magic attacks are increased by up to 2940
The Modulation Crystal loses its glow


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Re: Trigger the effect of...
« Reply #1 on: 06:47:46 - 05/13/12 »
I love Blood Drake Curse as much as anyone, but I don't think that "trigger" means what you think it means.
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Re: Trigger the effect of...
« Reply #2 on: 07:11:19 - 05/13/12 »
I stopped reading at:
Plumbering Maul
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