Author Topic: [F] fixed, [C] please confirm if it happens again, [H] On hold  (Read 2915 times)


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[F] = fixed (possibly not yet but in a patch that is gonna get released very soon)
[C] please confirm if it happens again,
[H] On hold (will be fixed at a later date)

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a few notes about how to facilitate our debugging.

when the bug seems to be interface-related, it'd be nice if you can specify os/browser versions (like win7/ff6, xp/ie8 etc.).
even silverlight doesn't have cross-browser issues, sometimes it helps. and when you see a black screen (completely black,
not the bug in preparation room with empy teams), it means the client has completely crashed. if you are using chrome, please
go to menu => tools => javascript console. sometimes there are detailed messages in red. copy&paste that in your posts,
that'd greatly help us. i think you can see it also on other browsers, firefox has also a console, and ie has this little
yellow warning icon at the bottom left.

if the crash appears to be on server side, we've got logs so if you can tell us what time it happened, it will help us to
narrow down the problem as well (remember timezone too!).

ofc, you don't have to say much if it's something static, like wrong card effects or repeatable glitches. we can track them
down quite easily.

thanks a lot!