Author Topic: Pet Runes?  (Read 8298 times)


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Re: Pet Runes?
« Reply #15 on: 02:13:37 - 10/15/10 »
There might be more to it than just random chance... my main's pet has lost something like 10 consecutive races (growth 100, halfway to Rank 2 Animal Raising). My low level alt's pet, meanwhile (growth 12, almost completed Rank 1 Animal Raising) is 6-1 in races.

These are small sample sizes, to be sure, but perhaps races get "harder" for pets that are leveled up or have owners who've advanced in Animal Raising? Or possibly the type of animal you have (they're different creatures) affects the race? Or maybe it's just that low-level items make more effective boosters?


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Re: Pet Runes?
« Reply #16 on: 06:32:02 - 10/15/10 »
The best answer is to just enter your pet into every possible race and otherwise forget about it. Depending on how many times you log in per day the pet might need some downtime occasionally.