Author Topic: Karma Bond's effect after caster's death  (Read 1842 times)


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Karma Bond's effect after caster's death
« on: 14:25:19 - 07/10/10 »
So in IRC some of us were wondering what would happen when you cast Karma Bond on an enemy and then die but have at least 1 ally alive. I thought the drain would benefit the opponent's target as in Gloom Knell, but Alastair pointed the wording wasn't the same.
Turns out he was right:

So basically the opponent still takes magic damage but no one heals from it.

Now to set a party where the caster is restored after dying to see if he'd get the drain again ^^
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Re: Karma Bond's effect after caster's death
« Reply #1 on: 02:39:49 - 07/11/10 »
Looks like it's the same for other drain banes-- ie, Dark Siphon, Grim Presence, etc.

I tested a short fail deck on Hatred 4 (GP, DS, and KB) and saw that effect.
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