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Brand New
« on: 16:53:16 - 06/30/10 »
Allrite one more question:

If i want to work my way towards a rogue what weapons should is use?

Right now i just have te lowly copper daggers
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Re: Brand New
« Reply #1 on: 17:24:51 - 06/30/10 »
Hey everyone thanks for checkin out my post. Now i have a couple question that i would love to have answered and any help would be greatly appreciated.
1) How exactly do u level up?
2) How do i join a guild?
3) I want to work my way towards being a rogue, how should i do so?

Thanks for your time
Before all, you might want to check the tutorial
It's full of useful information and can answer most of your questions.

1) You level up by doing jobs (you can work once a day) and mastering skills (mostly through fightings but there are skills linked to other features such as gathering, or even job-only skills)

2) You either create a guild once you're lvl 20+ or ask a Guild Leader/Officer for an invite

3) Knowing that early is cool, but till lvl 10-20 there's no real need to specialize too much. Then you'll want to have at least 100 dex by lvl 20 to specialize as a Scout, which is needed if you want to go on as a Rogue at lvl 30. But Rogue is only Tier 2 class, there's another at lvl 40 which can be either Assassin, Warlord or Deathknight, depending on whether you prefer Twinblades, Spears or Swords (to sum it up). But you'll get to understand how it works as you'll play and get your first class.
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