Author Topic: Extreme Theorycrafting: Max Actions per turn  (Read 2546 times)


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Extreme Theorycrafting: Max Actions per turn
« on: 23:48:01 - 05/28/10 »
(Apologies to Starwarskid for copying the thread title...plagiarism is the highest form of flattery though ;) )

With the addition of Freeze Joints, there's a new way to get dizziness resistance, besides playing Champion's Crest. It requires a lot of help from your opponent though....

Playing Freeze Joints on someone gives them -2 actions per turn, but a delayed bane of +2 actions per turn...throw in some Blood Drake Curses and Premonitions to trigger that delayed bane repeatedly and you can give someone a huge number of actions per turn before they dizzy, for example:

Turns 1-5: Freeze Joints (-10 dizziness resistance); doesn't matter what opponent plays. I'm not sure how dizziness resistance is figured, exactly, so I don't know if them playing champion's crests here would be wasted, or would be the same as playing them later.
Turn 6: BDC (+10 dizziness resistance, total 0)
Their turn 6: They play Champion's Crest, 1st Freeze Joints triggers (total +3 dizziness resistance)
Turn 7: BDC (+8, total +11)
Their turn 7: They play Champion's Crest, 2nd Freeze Joints triggers (total +14 dizziness resistance)

...and so on, up to (by my count) +35 extra actions before dizzying. Then they play Wind Demon claws and a crapton of extenders and hilarity ensues.

So, questions:
1.) is there a way to hit more than +35 dizziness resistance in 1v1? (self-stun?)
2.) What's the max in 2v2, 3v3 etc? It's gotta be higher, since you can have multiple people piling on the Freeze Joints and BDCs.
3.) Who wants to try this?
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Re: Extreme Theorycrafting: Max Actions per turn
« Reply #1 on: 00:02:17 - 05/29/10 »
When I made this charm, despite knowing you'd have to have a willing enemy participant, I was just waiting for someone to do this.


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Re: Extreme Theorycrafting: Max Actions per turn
« Reply #2 on: 00:12:49 - 05/29/10 »
I think there is a small problem here. Even if the opponent had a gear of nothing but WDC and extenders (is this possible?), there is the problem of WDC not triggering often in 1v1. I think for best results, it would have to be done in a GvG skirmish with something like this:

Team 1
Player A: 5x kiai
Player B: 5x kiai
Player C: 5x kiai
Player D (highest hp): 5x kiai, 5x wdc, 5x champ crest, rest extenders

Team 2
each player has: 5x life attraction, 5x freeze joints, 5x premo, 5x bdc

A lot of RNG going on depending on the overlap of freeze joints and the triggers, but offhand I think it would be realistic to assume maybe a chain of ~15 or so actions (also limited by Player D exhausting as he builds up dizziness resistance).


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Re: Extreme Theorycrafting: Max Actions per turn
« Reply #3 on: 00:33:07 - 05/29/10 »
well, Wind Demon Claws isn't really necessary; you could simply play a deck that was all normal, non-conditional EAs (and 5 Champion's Crests which you, naturally, play at *exactly* the right time); it's just not quite as stylish that way. Also, you'd probably lose by exhausting instead of winning by hitting them with a horrifically long chain of normal charms. But then, consider they did all the work with the Freeze Joints and Premonitions etc., maybe they deserve the "win". ;)

I'm not sure about the math, but it seems to me upon further reflection, that in 1v1, if the first five charms they played were self-stuns, you could drop 5 Premonitions before the Freezes started triggering, and then play 5 BDCs as they triggered, getting them a total of +85!? ( +50 on top of the +35 above) If the rest of their deck was all EAs, they'd exhaust before dizzying.
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