Author Topic: Guild system is inane  (Read 4844 times)


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Re: Guild system is inane
« Reply #15 on: 16:42:56 - 08/03/09 »
I may be wrong, but doesn't guilds start with 500 rating and that rating increases when you build the banner? If I'm not wrong, no guild will siege your 500 rating guild, since it's a waste of AP/Time, and if they do, they are doing it wrong. Also, guilds with similar rating won't be able to siege you, because they don't have the banner either.

On a side note, I think we should discuss this in the "Game Discussion" section or in the "Suggestion" section if you want to propose something.
Yeah, you are right.
[20:01]   <wl>   that happens if you let schutz design a dungeon! only charms for himself :P