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Patch notes
« on: 20:42:41 - 05/24/08 »
Patch notes: 12/07/12
New Dungeon:
A new high-level dungeon have been added: Bloody Deliverance (Draka, lv50). The event was designed by Misha, with a story from Astrolabia

- Reduced the amount of gold required for the "Who wants to be a millionaire" achievement
- Crafting cost of [Quester's Courage] reduced
- [Sulfurin] will now correctly check for ward instead of armor
- Tooltip of [Shash and Burn] fixed to reflect that the bane damage is piercing

Patch notes: 29/04/12
- Many new achievements have been added to the game. Several of them will provide special rewards!
- The auctions that used to be limited to level 50 will now be limited to lv55
- Two new academies have been added

It is possible that you have already cleared some of the new achievements. Those like the gold one will require an action before they are updated:
- Gold achievement: Sell any item.
- Total achievement score: earn any other achievement
- Hoarder: reclaim an item from your storage

For the others (like amount of ctafts dont or auctions earned), the counter will have to start at zero for everyone, regardless of what had been done before.

Patch notes: 12/02/12
- [Veil of Ash] now a curse, and magic boost reduced from 10 to 8
- [Null Barbs] base damage reduced from 12 to 10, and aura damage reduced from 14 to 10
- [Gravity Spear] and [Last Tear]: targetting fixed

Patch notes: 11/09/11

New Dungeons:
A new high-level dungeon have been added: Unbound (Windscar, lv51). The event was designed by Gabbin
A few new 5 star discovery sites can now be found

- A new repeatable building has been added
- [Haunted Fang]: Summon duration increased by 1 but ongoing boost reduced from 6 to 4
- [Modulation Crystal]: Aura now only affects the caster
- [Soothing Spring]: Targeting on the healing fixed
- [Tighten Vice], [Feast of Gloom] and [Joyeuse]: Charm description updated to match the effect
- [Imposing Command]: Protect 1 (cumul) added at the start of the charm
- [Null Barbs]: Effect Fixed
- [Fast Freeze]: Projection per aura reduced to 150
- Charm order of Alhazred the Elementalist changed
- Level of Cracked Idol reduced to 39

Mini Patch notes: 16/05/11
- [Sandsteel Shield] will now properly grand immunity to the caster and not the target
- Several card tooltip were fixed to better describe their effect.

Patch notes: 21/04/11

New Dungeons:
Two new high-level dungeons have been added:
- Scorching Sands (Triland, lv44), created by Qqchampion
- Solace of Solitude (Skyrift, lv48), designed by Gabbin
Have fun with these new events, and all the new loot ready to be plundered from the arid desert and the icy mountain!

- Drop rate of the item "Fleshy Orb" increased
- Playing any part of a resolved combo should now award points in the skill Charm Alchemist.
- The pagination in the PvP interface was fixed
- Fixed the bane effect of [Eviscerating Slicers] to have both effects always trigger
- The bane of [Tainted Marrow] should now work properly

Patch notes: 26/02/11

Server migration
The game is moving to beter and faster servers to give you a better gaming experience!

- Some monsters found during high level gathering have strengthened a little
- [Blood Pact]: Effect is now consumed after an extra action is played.
- [Gravity Spear]: Initial damage now only grows with ongoing magic damage modifiers
- [A Crack in the Void]: now correctly labeled as a curse
- [Tainted Marrow]: Effect fixed
- [Recruit’s Discipline]: Text updated

Patch notes: 15/01/11

[Fighter's presence]: 10 melee damage added up front, armor/ward destruction reduced from 11 to 10.
[Way of the fighter]: Armor / melee destruction raised to 45 from 30. Boost removed, replaced by 20 melee and magic damage.
[Morale breaker]: Magic debuff increased to -17 from -15
[Mercenary Bloodlust]: armor destruction reduced to 24. Now deals damage equal to armor destroyed.
[Mana Feedback]: Ward loss reduced from 10 to 6
[Sage Sparkling Web]: Lightning rune added
[Shaman Ghostly Pressure]: Added a conditional 2 spirit if the target has no ward. Willpower destruction removed from the bane, but duration increased by 1.
[Totem of Unity]: Focus increased from 6 to 7. Ward increased from 39 to 50. Bane damage reduced from 11 to 10 and duration from 5 to 4.
[Recruit’s Discipline]: Willpower is now cumulative. Equalize cap increased from 102 to 182.
[Way of the Recruit]: Aura changed to:  3 armor and ward (cumul) for each turn of protect during 3 turns
[Cleric Vita Shelter]: Aura duration increased from 6 to 8
[Blinding Light]: Restore ally 12% added on the charm. Aura duration reduced from 8 to 5.
[Lobotomize]: Now has spirit/sword runes and the spirit damage is dealt on target with lowest spirit.
[Undermine]: Effect fixed

Patch notes: 19/12/10

New Dungeons:
Three new dungeons have been released:
- Fear of the Dark (Gaea's Dawn, lv28)
- That Bitter Nourishment (Wildhowl, lv29) and its followup Where We All Must Sup (Wildhowl, lv50)
There is more than meets the eyes with these dungeons, and players way above their recommended level should try to check them out as well.
A big thank to Merton and Gabbin who designed these incredible events.

Winter celebration:
A seasonal dungeon has opened in Aleas, for players in all levels.

New class charms:
A lot of new class charms have just been released, and for all tiers!
- Two lv39 charms for all T1 classes
- Two lv47 charms for all T2 classes
- Two lv48 charms for all T3 classes
Hop on to present and former guild halls to see what you require to get them.

- Raised the level of some low-level monsters in Crimson Kata Mines and The Darkened Streets
- Fixed the effect of [Menacing Stormfront]
- Changed the wording on aura length modifiers
- [Wind Demon Claws]: damage slightly increased, but now gives -1 to user's auras.
- Cleanse removed on [Celestial Strike], and replaced by "-4 to banes"
- Fixed an issue with the charm [Molecular Acceleration]

Patch notes: 31/10/10

- Fixed the requirements on [Essence Drain]
- Ignition can now be used to reach higher ranks of Charm Alchemist
- Nyux can no longer backstab Daxumon
- Fixed the text of [Jasper Rosary], and some charms used in Artificer’s Island: Spider Gate
- Fixed some charms used by the Crimson Dragon

Patch notes: 06/08/10

New dungeons: The Darkened Streets and Cornered
Two new dungeons have been added in Aleas. The first is a solo event for players lv37, and it's story will lead you to a 3-player event at lv38. These challenges have been designed by Gabbin.

Six new chapters have been added to the Chronicles of Estiah.

Coliseum and group dungeons
The grouping interface has been upgraded. In addition, the coliseum stability has been upgraded to reduce the amount of parties that fail to enter.

- Conditional effect on [Wrath of Dubhe] slightly altered
- The skill History is no longer a requirement for the academy job "Literature Class 3"
- Fixed the effect of [Shard of the Godblade]
- Fixed the targeting of [Cascade Effect] and [Ivory Needles]
- The armor on Dauxmon's Steel Bones is no longer cumulative

Patch notes: 14/06/10
New dungeon: Kysin Keep
A new dungeon has been discovered in Wildhowl. Its gates seem shut tight... but is there really no way inside?

- New high-level crafts can be found in several cities
- New items can be found in shops
- New jobs and academy courses have been added
- Self bane damage on [Embrace of Sirius] lowered from 8 to 6
- Rune condition added before the Normalize of [Storm of Acylone]
- [Blood Pact]'s curse is now a bane
- The effect of [Whirlwind] was changed
- Fixed a bug that caused the [Fight] button disappear from the PvP page when trying to fight a character that had left the city.
- Fixed the effect of the Ice Prince's [Frozen World]
- [True Sight] now have the Lightning rune
- It is now possible to make a search for guilds with several words in their name in the guild war declaration page.

Patch notes: 03/04/10

New dungeon: The Will of the Living
This is a level 42 event located in Eversweep. It is a 3-player group encounter, designed by Schutzengel.

New dungeon: Unearthed Horrors
This is a level 44 event located in Lumina. It is a 3-player group encounter, designed by Larcent .

Three new chapters of the Chronicles of Estiah have been published.

- The messages you send to other players are now saved
- Fixed the Ice Prince's [Frozen World]
- The (Target Ally) effect now correctly picks an ally at random instead of the last ally in the party.
- [Underworld Bond] is no longer triggered by [Boiling Blood]
- Passwords to create or join groups are no longer hidden when typed
- [Kiai] no longer shows a grey messages when it does not trigger
- Group reminders in the character page now display the gear that is used
- The requirement to use [Chaotic Desire] has been changed from Chaos (R1) to Remorseless (R1)
- The duration of [Lawful Will] has been reduced to 2 turns
- The damage done by the bane of [Blood Drake Curse] was reduced from 25 to 17

Patch notes: 30/01/10

New dungeon: Frost Fortress
- A lv31 dungeon for solo players, located in Windscar. This event was designed by Schutzengel.

New dungeon: Bile, Bone and Blood
- A lv42 adventure for solo players, located in Draka. This event was designed by Larcent.

- New crafts are available in the shop "Eclisian Black Market"
- Two new ranks of Warehouse can now be built
- A new battle skill can now be learned
- Charms discarded by spirit damage are no longer displayed on the battle log
- Monsters can no longer trigger a combo the turn they are killed by banes
- The "lose life" message should now appear again when a charm that destroys armor and deals as much damage is used.
- The projection of [Reflecting Greaves] was increased
- Curses will now properly activate during stuns
- The [Work Faster] combo can no longer be triggered by a single character
- The damage of [Wizard Earth Dagger] was very slightly increased
- Fixed a rounding issue on pierced damage
- When a bounty on someone is increased, the number of times it can be reclaimed is now reset.
- Fixed the achievement "And They Shall All Fall Together"

Patch notes: 02/01/10

- The special dungeon in Aleas was removed
- [Borrowed Time] no longer target your opponent when you use it and are alone
- The text "but nothing happens..." will no longer show when defenses can not be equalized
- [Impact of Marfik] will no longer cause "lose protection" message on effects played by the target
- The bane of [Void Bolt] finally deals shifting damage as intended. However, the damage of the charm has been very slightly lowered.
- Fixed the vanish effect on [Daggers of Obscurity]
- The debuff on [Siren's Songs] were decreased, while the ones on [Frigid Damsel] and [Touch of Decay] were slightly increased
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Re: Patch notes
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Patch notes 12/12/09

Winter Event
Like every year, a very special present shop opened up in Aleas... This is definitely worth checking.

New dungeon
Travel to the Temple of Tides in Inachis. This is a lv41 solo dungeon designed by Winterfate.

- Fixed an issue that caused several combos to not trigger when they should have
- Fixed an issue preventing some battle replay to not be visible
- Winning or making it to the final of a coliseum will now always award at least +1 maximum rating
- The text of [Sanctified Light] was fixed

Patch notes 30/10/09

Pumpkin Celebrations
Strange pumpkins can be found in every corner of Estiah. Join the party!

New dungeon
Two new dungeons have been released:
- Fight against the Dark Tide in Eclis. This lv47 event was created by Slalderma.
- Travel to the Crimson Kata Mine in Triland. This is a lv49 dungeon designed by Gabbin.

Repeatable guild buildings
Several new guild buildings have been added. These buildings have a special feature: they can be built multiple times and offer their reward each time they are completed.

Default defense decks
You can now select multiple decks as your default defense. When attacked, one gear at random among all those selected will be used.

- Changed the effect order for [Chaos Gloves]
- The HP and spirit of Hammond and the Priest of Rya'Baal have been slightly lowered
- The GHP cost of many showcase items has been increased

Patch notes 26/09/09

Hardware Upgrade
The estiah servers have been upgraded to better handle the load during peak hours.

- Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented people from getting the achievement [I Passed] when the trial of unity was the last they did.
- Fixed the extra action charms of the chest Mimic in the dungeon "The Old Sylan Map"
- Slightly altered the formula that enable the skill [Charm Alchemist]
- Fixed the achievement [With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies]
- Fixed the requirements of the charm [Tied Sword]
- Fixed the wording on charms that activated based on the last rune played
- The everchanging [Forcefield] had its duration increased by 1
- The achievement [I Got An A for Chemistry] will now only be awarded on won fights
- The duration of [Curse of Pandamius] was reduced by 1
- The armor and ward given by [Gloom Knell] was reduced to 16
- [Decoy] will now only work if there are allies to protect
- The effect some items have when fed to pets has been altered

Patch notes 06/09/09

New dungeon: Burdens of Faith
- A lv45 adventure for solo players, located in Lumina. This event was designed by Larcent.

New dungeon: The Murder of Prelex
- A lv47 adventure for solo players, located in Zeal. This event was designed by Merton.

New PvP Interface
- The PvP interface has been reviewed to allow filters and pagination.

Inter-Squad Battles
- There is now a new building available that will allow an officer to make his guild's squads fight against each other.

- New elixirs can be created in the T3 guild halls. Despite their heavy cost, these elixirs will allow you to better manage the growth of your character.
- Players up to level 5 are now able to select a mentor from their character screen, even if they didn't pick one when registering
- The damage formula has been reviewed. Damage modifiers will no longer be reduced when used on charms with penetration. Instead, the penetration will be reduced.
- Drains will now use 65% of damage modifiers, up from 50%.
- Several new achievements have been added, greatly inspired from the winners of the 12th contest.
- Fixed an issue where curse duration would not be reduced on Extra Actions.
- [Incandescence] now has a curse attached to it.
- A few new emotes have been added.
- A few new jobs have been added.
- Fixed the effect of [Onyx Spellblade]
- Guild battles now award more GHP
- The amount of points contributed by recycled squads in guild wars has been lowered

Patch notes 20/07/09

New dungeon: Hatred
- A lv47 adventure for solo players, located in Aleas. This event was designed by Seth.

New dungeon: Lair of the Artificer
- A lv48 adventure for solo players, located in Zeal. This event was designed by Slalderma.

New dungeons: Statue of Illusions, Statue of Discord and Statue of Lies
- Three new 3-player events, level 45, 46 and 47. All of them are located in Night Tear.

Gear builder upgrade
The gear builder page has been completely reviewed. There are now rune filters, and the option to highlight charms with some specific effects. You may now also archive charms directly from the deck builder.

- Banes that trigger during Extra actions will no longer have their duration reduced by one.
- The duration of all scout class banes were reduced by 1
- The healing of [White Sealing Orb] was reduced to 26
- The defense given by [Captain's Hat] was reduced to 7
- Extra actions no longer persist through death
- Bane reduction of [Forest Medicine] was increased by one
- The duration of [Forcefield] was reduced by 1
- [Forcefield] and [Void Cloak] now consume a third of the armor required for reducing the target's damage. These two charms now also have the debuff rune.
- Incomplete parties for dungeons and coliseums will now be deleted after one week
- Using brownies, medals of courage and scrolls of teleport will no longer consume your daily item usage.
- Fixed an issue preventing you to attack a player of higher level when you had less than 10ap
- Fixed an issue that made projections remove the "to next" damage modifiers on the caster
- You can no longer feed locked items to your pets, or use them to build.
- The [sell] and [all] buttons in the inventory have been merged, so the new [sell] selects by default all the items of that type you have.

Patch notes 19/06/09

New dungeons
- A lv14 dungeon has been added in Zeal: Rooftop Rush. The story and encounters were designed by Larcent.
- A lv46 dungeon also opened up in skyrift, called Call of Conscience. This dungeon was designed by Kasyn.

The inventory page has been redesigned. It now offers various filters and sorting methods, allows you to sell items from the storage, or even lock items to prevent them from being sold by mistake.

Game addons
- A new addon allowing you to take notes and access it from any page has been added to the game. You can activate this module with a few Phoenix Feathers.
- Damage meters can now be activated with a few Phoenix Feathers. It will no longer be automatically awarded to players that donated over 30$. However, all the players that currently have the addon will keep it when the patch is released.

- The lv45 Crests for most classes have been redesigned
- Summon reduction on [Severing Slicers] and [Word of Solitude] increased by 1
- There is now a message in the battle log when damage modifiers are stolen
- The damage reduction of [Cripple] has been increased
- Fixed the runes and skill requirements for Emblems created in the Forge III
- A new charm can be crafted in the shop "Battle Alchemist" in Gaea's Dawn
- The healing of [Earth Link] has been reduced to 8 per active summon
- The power of [Forcefield] has been toned down
- The duration of [Forcefield] and [Void Cloak] was reduced by 1
- You can now view public fights and coliseum fights without being logged to the game.
- you can now sort players by achievement points in the player list. The value in that list will only be updated when players earn their next achievement.
- The damage done by [World Set Ablaze] was reduced by 3
- New PvP and Dungeon achievements have been added

Patch notes 17/05/09

A new achievement system has been implemented to keep track of the player's accomplishments. You can access this page from a link under the inventory menu, or in your character page. This section is public, so you can watch the achievements of other players.
At the time the patch is applied, you'll notice that many achievements that you should have already won will not be marked as earned. For example: an achievement asks you to collect 10 bunnies. You already have 40 in your bag, but still the achievement is marked as incomplete. Still, as soon as you earn your 41th bunny, the achievement will be checked and awarded to you.

3 new chapters of the Chronicles of Estiah have been published.

Game Donations
The way game donation work have been changed. You can no longer pay to have small account upgrades, but for special tokens that you may trade for the same upgrades. Those tokens can also be send to other players.

- New crafts have been added in Windscar
- Two new seals are now unlocked by the Armory
- The armory III can now be built. It unlocks several crafts and seals, some of them only available through a guild.
- [Seal of the Pure] has been redesigned
- [Battle tempo] now has the fist rune, but the chance to get an extra action has been very slightly reduced.
- The level requirement of the skill [Explorer] has been lifted
- Most summon charms have been renamed to no longer include "summon" in their name
- [Soul Wraith] now have the spirit rune
- The event "Burnt-Down Tree" now also awards some high-level craft materials.
- A new guild craft is unlocked by the building "Animal Garden"
- New five-star sites have been added
- The charm [Phantom Light] that drops from the Ghost Mine was renamed to [Phantom Glow] to avoid confusion with another Charm
- The item [Phoenix Feather] was renamed [Phoenix Ash]
- The site "Emerald Plain" was renamed "Emerald Coast"
- The effect of [Ice of Colith] was fixed
- [Ukko's Indifference] will now always give the proper kind of defense
- [Shadow Fang] will now destroy ward and not armor as it is supposed to
- The GHP price of [Ornate Bronze Fangs] was lowered to 6
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Re: Patch notes
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Patch notes: 31/03/09

Discovered sites and PvE Challenges
Many of the sites discovered while gathering can now be explored. Inside, you might find PvE encounters, secret shops, and maybe more...
In a future patch, all the events you have cleared will be displayed on an achievement page that can be seen from your public profile, so you may compare the challenges you succeed with other players!

New Dungeon
A lv5 tutorial dungeon has been added in Inachis to better introduce cumulative defenses.
The credits for this go to the guild Free Waffles who fully designed this event.

- All the "over time" charms have been reworded, using noe of the four new keywords "Aura", "Bane", "curse" or "Summon". You may find details about these categories on the glossary page.
- In battle animations, the effective amount of defense will be displayed instead of the raw amount played

- Some raid boss focusing issues were fixed
- The way piercing damage was calculated has been changed to better take into account the penetration against low amounts of defense
- A new skill has been added for successful PvP defenses of your close level range when bountied
- [Flash Bomb] can no longer target your teammates
- Ward destruction of [Shadow Catalyst] increased by 21
- Base melee damage modifier of [Counter Force] increased by 13
- [Energy Bloom] was redesigned
- Duration of [Curse of Flesh] reduced by 1. In addition, the effect will now only work on the highest ongoing damage modifier type (melee or magic)
- [Earth Link] now increase the duration of your summons by 1. However, the amount of healing has been reduced to 10 per active summon.
- [Dark Siphon] now has 25% penetration
- Magic damage modifier given by [Erythic Flames] to allies reduced by 6, and to enemies by 1
- Melee ongoing damage modifier of [Release Karma] reduced by 1
- Charms that target the enemy with lowest spirit will now work correctly against monsters with unlimited spirit
- Playing a short-duration focus over a longer existing focus will no longer overwrite the effect

Patch notes: 03/03/09

New dungeon:
A new high-level dungeon was added in Windscar
An aditionnal T3 class charm will be available for players that can complete this event.

Adventurer's Diary
You can now view the stories of all the dungeons you have cleared from your diary. The link is below your inventory in the submenu.

The market exchange rates evolution have been modified to avoid "spiking", while still taking into account the player's influences.
The global level of the dungeon "King of No Man" was raised to 44.
Fixed a bug with the "Break Focus" mechanism
The price of some high level crafts was lowered
[Fury of the Elements]: the power boosts were replaced with direct damage
The effect of [Battle Rage], [Seal of the Pure], [Persecution], [Maddening Darkness] and [Battle Dance] was slightly reduced. However, these charms now bear the rune that trigger it, and they will activate once from themselves the turn they are played
Two higher level arena monsters can now be fought
[Gravity Impact] was redesigned
2 new battle skills can be learnt
New guild crafts are unlocked by the Alchemy Lab II
The damage meter module will now correctly activate for GvG battles
The duration of [Phoenix Offspring] was reduced by 1
Jobs teaching skills that you have already mastered will have the word "skill" greyed out

Patch notes: 12/02/09

New Features:
Players with the favored rank or higher will now have acces to a "Damage Meters" module. This is a small tool that will display a summary of all the damage they do at the end of each fight they participate in. You can see more information about that module here.
We have also made the meaning of account ranks clearer by adding a FAQ section about them.

Guild officers can now set some buildings on "watch". This means that the required materials will appear on the guild homepage, to make their tracking easier.

Four new crafts were added in the shop "Nazzar's Dark Crafts" in Zeal
Guilds can now build a new rank of the alchemy lab
Guilds can also build an "Animal Garden"
The effect of [Pyric Charge] was fixed
The maximum turn duration to trigger a Kyud's combo was slightly reduced, but it no longer depends on the order of the charms played.
The base damage of [Gravity Impact] was increased by 9
The damage ratio between melee and magic for [Rockslide] was changed, but the total damage remains the same
The willpower awarded by [Release Karma] was reduced by 1
The damage of [Ambush] was reduced by 3, but the penetration was raised to 80%
[Dark Heirloom] now also gives an instant +1 to next spirit
[Shakanite Knuckles] now require the skill "Fist Weapons" rank 1 to use
There is now a messenger job from Eclis to Draka

We have made changes that should prevent the problem of some AP refull or work/travel reset not happening sometimes. If you experience this bug again, please report it in our forum.

Patch notes: 27/01/09

New dungeon
A new 4-man dungeon has been added: Revival of the Fury in Draka. This is the final step of the 4-dungeons storyline that started with "A cry of the Earth"

A high-level craft for each rune has been added in its specialized craft shop.
An epic quality craft can now be created in Eclis
The pvp rating change formula was tweaked. As a result, successful defenses will award more rating. Also, the value changes for all actions has been lowered.
A few more high-level items and charms will be auctionned by the cities
The effect of [Persecution] was fixed
There is now a new rank of the skill [Self Defense] unlocked at lv45
The ward destruction over time of Shaman charms was greatly increased

Patch notes: 11/01/09

New dungeon
A new 4-man dungeon has been added: A shrudder from the Depth in Wildhowl

City chat
All player now have access to a simple chat zone in the city page. Currently, all the cities share the same chat room.

Interface changes:
New art for all cities have been added! These images can also be freely downloaded in two resolutions for use as wallpapers.
In the PvP screen, the level and details of players will now have the color of their status from the player list
In the Gear builder, you can now easily add or remove copies of one charm that is already in the selected gear
Gears that have not been renamed will be displayed as "Click here to rename" in the gear builder, in order to help people notice this feature
When you are in a dungeon group, you can mouseover the dungeon name on your character page to see the list of players already in the group
You can now craft medals of courage in the shops "Soul Alchemist". These items raise your Courage skill.

Enemies with unlimited spirit no longer discard charms when hit by spirit damage
All rating changes from pvp fights where the level difference is too high have been removed.
The crafts for [Dragon Aegis] and [Chaotic Decay] have been moved to the shop "Eclisian Black Market" in Eclis.

[Moondrop Water] No longer deals 1 spirit damage to the user
Sage: The ward projection value on all class charms was increased by either 5 or 6
Summoner: Damage of [Summon Mana Beast] and [Summon Black Creeper] increased by 1
Summoner: Power reduction of [Summon Black Creeper] increased by 3
Summoner: Defense given by [Summon Rock Elemental] increased by 2
Summoner: Damage of [Summon Blood Golem] increased by 2
Summoner: Heal to target done by [Blessing of the Earth] reduced to 80
Deathknight: Damage of [Touch of Decay] increased by 7
Slayer: [ True Sight] Now also deals 26 Shifting damage in addition to its previous effect
Warlord: Armor projection of [Shield Blow] increased by 9
Warlord: Armor projection of [Metal Storm] increased by 13
Warden: Total ward given by [Artic Winds] increased by 16
Warden: Armor and Ward projection of [Shard Explosion] increased by 14
Hierarch: Willpower given by [Blessed Light] Increased by 1
Hierarch: Duration of [Restoration] Increased by 1 turn, and effect increased by 20%
Hierarch: Damage of [Mind Radiance] increased by 3 per charge, and penetration raised to 50%
Assassin: Damage of [Assassinate] increased by 5, and penetration raised to 45%
Champion: [Searing Fists] now also has a 5 turns focus effect
Champion: [Inner Burst] now targets the enemy with the highest armor
Paladin: Armor and Ward given by [Holy Shield] reduced by 7, but the charm now also grants 3 willpower
Paladin: Armor and Ward given by [Aura of Preservation] reduced by 3, but the charm now also grants 1 cumulative willpower

Patch notes: 24/12/08

Merry Christmas!
You can celebrate Christmas in Estiah by paying a visit in a certain shop in Aleas...
This is also the topic of a new contest! Be sure to check it out, to maybe earn some more presents!

New dungeon
A new high-level 4 man group event was added in Night Tear: Last Echo of the Thunder.
This is the second part of the story started in "A Cry of the Earth".

The effect of [Dark Heirloom] was altered
The effects of [King's Scepter], [Obstination] and [Illumination] were improved
Fixed an issue preventing the rank 2 of the skill [Fanaticism] to be gained through jobs
Willpower charms can now be bought in the vendor quality charm shop "Runic Defense"

Patch notes: 11/12/08

It is now possible to support the game by buying in game goods that do not affect the game balance, such as extra gears or inventory space. This should allow the game to survive long enough and keep growing!

New high-level crafts are available in the shop "The King's Sword" in Eversweep
An upgrade of the armory can now be built by guilds
[Death Sentence] Now correctly deals melee damage
[Benediction]'s effect has been changed. It now provides heal and willpower over time on your party.
[Last Stand] now also increase the user's maximum HP
The Rogue damage over time charms now deal melee damage

Patch notes: 30/11/08

New dungeon
- You can now go and seek the King of No Man in Eversweep. This is a lv43 solo dungeon.

- A new charm is now available in each T3 class trainer.
- All damage over time effects lv30 and above have had their penetration increased by roughly 40%
- The effect of damage modifiers on drain attacks will now be reduced by 50%
- When you play a charm that can target different possible enemies (like [Ward Attraction]), the resulting target will be the previous focus if there was one
- You can no longer trigger a combo with a dead character
- When a focused character dies and get ressurected, the focus on him will be cleared
- The item Crystal Insignia was renamed to Harvester Insigina
- The item Angelium Insignia was renamed to Alchemist Insigina
- The effect of the Vampire's [Blood Leech] was fixed
- The willpower value of [Duelist Necklace] was increased
- The battle log will now display the amount of damage pierced for regular attacks
- [Blazing Inferno], [Blood Frenzy] and [Face Melt] had their initial damage lowered, but the total damage remains the same if the condition is fulfilled

Patch notes: 10/11/08

- The armor, ward and willpower value of most charms level 20 and above was increased. This includes Spear and Holy charms.
- The "Destroy armor/ward/willpower" value of most charms level 20 and above was increased. This includes Fist and Shadow charms.
- A pure willpower charm was added in each PvP shop lv20 and above.
- New crafts involving magic damage and willpower can now be made in Skyrift
- When you are defeated with a bounty on your head, the maximum rating lost is now 25% of the rating lost, down from 50%

- When you sign up for group battles (dungeons or coliseum), you can decide which gear will be used for the fight. Keep in mind that if you change the gear after signing up, the changes will be taken into account for the fight.
- The party builder was reworked to show which players are in each party. If the interface does not display properly, do not hesitate to press Ctrl+F5 on that page to clear your browser's cache.
- The "Party" default gear option was removed.
- You can now sign for the 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 coliseum sessions simultaneously.
- The entry fee for the coliseum was reduced
- The heal value of [Earth Link] was slightly reduced
- Fixed the effect of [Pyromaniac's Sigil]
- Fixed a bug linked to the name of charms discarded with [Searing Mind]

Patch notes: 03/11/08

PvP Changes
- You now have two PvP scores: Your PvP rating, and your maximum rating (MR).
- The MR starts at 2000 and can never go under that value. As the patch will goes live, the MR of players with above 2000 rating will be set to their current rating.
- You can now gain rating past 2000 again in outdoor PvP, but your total rating can not raise above your MR
- The coliseum now awards MR in addition to the rating.
- The Rating and MR gained in the coliseum has been increased for 1v1, and greatly increased for 2v2 and 3v3.
- When an outlaw is attacked and defeated, half of the rating lost is also deducted from his MR
- The cities will now more frequently put bounties on players with more than 2000 rating

- [Power Corruption] now also increases the opponent's magic attacks
- Fixed the effect of [Ethyric Flames]
- Fixed the wording of [Glyph of Warding]
- Changed the wording of [Last Stand] to better describe the effect
- There will no longer be the focus animation on dead players in battle.

Patch notes: 31/10/08

Coliseum and PvP changes
- The coliseum is now available! Players above lv15 can register twice a day in one of the three mode: solo, 2v2 or 3v3. Each team will be assigned in a battlegroup of 8 teams. Those teams will fight each other and both the winner and the finalist will walk away with rewards.
- It is no longer possible to get above 2000 PvP rating by assaulting someone. The only way to get above that rating is through Coliseum victories.
- The rating of all players above 2000 was reset to 2000
- You can now attack outlaws even in safe cities
- The rating lost when an outlaw is defeated was reduced

- New seasonal shops have opened up in Eversweep, Aleas, Eclis and Night Tear. Be sure to pay them a visit!
- It seems that most of the creatures in Estiah have started gathering pumpkins. Who knows what they would use them for?

- Extra action damage charms will now only be affected by 20% of ongoing damage modifiers. This does not apply to conditional extra action charms (such as [Jade Staff] and the champion's [Kiai]). One-time damage boosts are still applied normally.
- Buffs and Summons now activate at the end of extra action links.
- Area of effects damage charms now will be slightly less affected by damage modifiers.
- All self-inflicted negative effects over time will now trigger during extra actions, and will no longer trigger during stuns.

- A new building with several unique crafts and a seal is now available for guilds
- The last boss of the dungeon "The Cure" is now a little more resilient
- The last boss of the dungeon "Soul Harvester Lab" has now slightly less life
- Fixed the rank 4 of the skill "Faith"
- A new charm can be infused with a Typhoon Catalyst in Eclis
- The Jade charms will no longer trigger when they should not
- Fixed an occasional targeting issue linked to the use of the charm [Persecution] and extra actions.
- The duration of all the crafts reward from Soul Harvester Lab was increased
- Summoner: The ward of [Summoner's Mark] was greatly reduced, and the stun component was removed.

Patch notes: 08/10/08

New Dungeon
- A new lv43 dungeon was added in Eclis.

Guild PvP
- All new guild will now start with a rating of 800
- All current guilds with a rating of 1500 will be reverted to 800 rating
- Guilds do no longer have the ability to siege other guilds by default
- A new building can be made: the War banner. Once built, the guild's rating is set to 1500 (if it was lower), and the guild becomes able to siege other guilds.

- There is now a visual effects for players focused and protecting in multiplayer replays.
- A new high level building is available for guilds: the Armory. It unlocks several new crafts, some of them unique to guilds
- A new craft shop opened up in Eclis.
- Drops from Soul Harvester Lab are now very slightly less powerful, but can now be used at lv41. Their stat/skill requirement have also been updated.
- A few changes were made to some Warden/Inquisitor/Hierarch/Champion/Pyromaniac and Guard/Cleric charms.
- The runes for many T3 class charms were tweaked.
- The power of [Hateful Flame] was reduced.
- The power of the agility potions was slightly reduced
- The power of [Feet Bind] was slightly increased
- The stats gained from mastering Spirit breaker and Iron will were reduced
- Fixed the effect of [Fury Seal]
- Public fights will no longer be displayed in your character page.
- Fixed the effect of Vanish
- The health of Yaxion was slightly reduced

Patch notes: 23/09/08

New Dungeon
- You can now meet Yaxion, the first 4-man group encounter of Estiah. He is located in Gaea's Dawn and awaits high level adventurers.

- You can now enjoy three new chapter of The Chronicles of Estiah

- You can now work to get a teleportation scroll in your T3 guild hall
- The difficulty of the trial of unity was increased
- You can now find Crystal Insignias in the Soul Harvester Lab
- Fixed a bug that prevented you from crafting a pair of charms when you already had 4 copies of them.
- [Spotlight] no longer heals your opponent.
- Fixed the effect of  [Mana Rupture]
- The shop of Eversweep finally received its shipment of feral runes
- The maximum player growth was reduced to 900
- The focus duration of several charms was increased
- During battle animations, player hit with spirit damage will have their name highlighted in orange (versus red for normal damage)

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Re: Patch notes
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Patch notes: 14/09/08

Squad Builder
- Guild officers can now edit and create squads.

- Shifting damage will now take into accounts the buffs you have to always do the maximum damage possible on the target
- When gaining some points in a skill, you will now see how much points you currently have in that skill already
- The effect of the charm [Summon Hound] was fixed
- New ranks of the Courage skill were added
- The Restaurant II can now be built
- New crafts were added to "Melc's Blacksmith" in skyrift
- 3 New arena mobs can be fought

- Gear summaries now show the total amount of Focus/Protect charms, as well as the total Focus/Protect turns gained.
- Changed the wording of permanent buffs. Instead of seeing "-5 to all target's melee" you will now have "-5 to target's melee (ongoing)". This will avoid confusion with multi target effects.
- You can now see the name of your guild in your personal banner
- Player of the same level will now be sorted by PvP rating in the general player list.
- In the list of players in one city, the players will still be sorted by level after you click on "Show all opponents"
- In multiplayer battle animation, a player hit by spirit damage will have his name highlighted in red (as if he was hit by normal damage)

Patch notes: 31/08/08

Pet management
- You can now chose one of your animal and take it as your pet.
- Pets have their own stat and nickname (that you can edit). The stats can be boosted by feeding the animal.
- The pets also have a list of moves they know called runes. The runes are gained by feeding them special items called "Feral Runes" that you can buy in most cities. Those runes are only used in animal fights.

Animal fighting
- When two animal fight, they will use their runes in the order that was defined in the pet screen. Each pet will use one rune at each round, and one will win some points depending on what was played. The animal scoring the most points at the end wins the fight.
- You can change the order of your pet's rune from the pet screen. Just drag and drop the runes to your desired location.
- A pet can only know 20 runes, and no more than 3 times the same rune. You can unlearn a rune by dragging it to the "trash" zone.

- Feral runes can now be bought in most cities
- The power of some crafts in Draka has been increased
- You can now do seasoned and expert logger gatherings in Eversweep and Night Tear
- The craft [Wind Wall] from the Forge 2 was renamed [Air Wall] to not be mistaken with the other craft [Wind Wall] from Draka.
- You will now see a message in your news feed when a bounty is placed on your head
- The runes for the mercenary fist weapons have been fixed
- The power of the Forest Seal was reduced
- New Seals are unlocked by the Forge II and the Wizard study II
- The requirements for the charm [Dawn's Melody] were changed
- The build points needed for some high level buildings have been increased
- Waffles can now be bought in Aleas

- You can now set a [Guild] default for a gear, to use it during guild wars
- The gear summary will now display how many charms are in the gear.
- The guild message of the day can now be longer, and the edit textbox was enlarged
- Changed the term "pillage x gold" to "gain x gold" in guild siege report, so people might eventually stop believing that the gold is taken from the defender's vault.

Patch notes: 19/08/08


- Fixed a bug that prevented the negative effect of [Manapulse Elixir] from activating during extra attacks
- Colored soul orb downgrading is now possible
- Only the building "warehouse I" is now needed to build the forge and the wizard study
- The mats required for some low level guild crafts have been reduced
- The GHP cost of some low level items has been reduced

Patch notes: 11/08/08

- Guild crafts and seals unlocked by specific buildings can now be produced like any other building. Once a craft is complete, its result is available in unlimited amounts in the showcase.
- Officers can now distribute the guilds GHP to members through the member list.
- Every member can use the GHP to purchase charms and items from the Showcase
- Once a sanctuary is built, a guild can start producing Seals. Seals are powerful charms that are applied at the start of each fight during guild battles and siege defenses, as long as the players have the level required bu the Seal.
- Building now awards a few GHP

- Many formulas for the Guild score and rewards/loss during guild battles have been changed to be more fair.

- New crafts were added to the following shops:
  * Imperial Armorsmith
  * Relic Crafter
  * Seylin's Hidden House
  * Nazzar's Dark Crafts
- A new upgrade for the Forge and the Wizard Study can now be built. Both of these buildings give access to crafts among which some are unique and cannot be built anywhere else in the world
- The item loot tables for dungeons lv26 and above were reviewed
- Soul alchemists can now downgrade soul orbs
- The prerequisite for the building "Restaurant" have been lowered
- Most dual-rune charms that had a "Tech" rune lost it.

Patch notes: 03/08/08

- Upon reaching lv30, players will now be awarded an extra gear slot!
Players that are lv30 and above will of course also get this reward.

- Officers can now disband squads, or remove a single player from a squad
- War reports won't show who won until you click on the "show result" button

Game Balance:
- A player will no longer be able to play more than four turns in a row during a fight
- Buffs will no longer activate during extra attacks (like summons)
- Debuffs will no longer activate while stunned
- AOE damage charms will no longer benefit from 100% of the added power boosts. The value will depend on the number of targets.
- [Night Cloak] and [Icy Winds] now have a slight downside effect
- In Guild battles and sieges, only half of the first team will play first, then all players of the second team.

Patch notes: 31/07/08

Guild wars are now available.
Guild members can now see three new links in the guild menu :
- View Squads: allows to prepare player teams for the guild wars.
- View ongoing wars: shows all pending wars, as well as the battle requests.
- View war reports: displays the logs of past guild wars

In addition, officers have access to a fourth menu:
- Declare guild war: Allows you to start a siege or request a guild battle to another guild.

A tutorial on the "ongoing war" screen should give more details to everyone on the guild war mechanisms.
Just remember that a guild must have at least 12 members before it can participate in guild wars.

- There is now a RSS feed for both the guild news, and the guild shoutbox.
- New academies are available in the four T1 class guild hall. They will reward a one day work with a scroll of teleport that will allow you to return to that city from wherever in the world.
- There is now a color code in the guild shoutbox to show player ranks
- You will now see "today" in the column "last build" for players that did build this reset.
- You can no longer see the column "last build" of other guilds. This was replaced by the PvP rating.
- You can no longer see the fight replay of players that skirmished you.

Patch notes: 19/07/08

- Guild officers can now chose to remove a player from the guild. This is done via the guild member list screen. Players can also decide to leave their guild from a link in the same screen.
- The guild master can now define a new GM from the "guild account panel".
- The guild master can now disband the guild from the same panel.
- Once a player leaves a guild, he cannot join that same guild again for the next two weeks.
- When a player joins a guild, he will not be able to build for the first reset.
- Only players lv10 and above can donate items and gold to their guild.
- The length of messages in the shoutbox has been significantly increased.
- Up to 40 messages can now be displayed in the shoutbox.
- The member list has been reviewed. You can now see for how many days a player has been in the guild, and how many days ago he last helped build something.

- Colors have been added to the shop list in the market to make navigation easier.
- The loot tables of low level gatherings have been slightly reviewed.
- The rewards for the animal races have been slightly reviewed.
- Building materials required for higher level buildings have been adjusted.
- The level curve for very high levels has been tweaked, and stat requirements for T3 classes have been adjusted

Patch notes: 12/07/08
Guilds - part 2:

Guild buildings are now available.
Members can send items and gold to their guild warehouse, and officers can use these items to launch constructions. Members will then be able to help the build effort once per day on the "View your buildings" page.
Once completed, buildings offer various rewards like extra guild slots, or additional warehouse space.

- The mace [Icebreaker] now deals melee damage
- [Veil of Destruction], [Black Heart] and [Dense Earth] now have a correct (lower) rank requirement in their rune skill.
- You will now see a * in the menu next to the inventory if you have items in your storage

Patch notes: 02/07/08

Guilds - part 1:
The first part of the guild system is now ready. You can:
- Create a guild
- Invite your friends in it
- Edit it's description
- Upload a banner
- Promote/demote other members
- Chat with them on the guild page via a shoutbox

For now, the amount of players that can be in a guild is only 10, but this cap will be increased as soon as the patch "Guilds - part 2 of 3" is ready.
The tutorial you will see if you join a guild describes the guild as they will be once the system is complete, so do not worry if you can't find where those features are - they just aren't ready yet.

The rating penalty when losing with a bounty on your head was reduced from x4 to x3
The rating bonus when winning against a player with a bounty on his head was reduced from x4 to x2
Defeating an outlaw 1 level lower will now always grant a full bounty.

- The Recruit class charms have been slightly redesigned. The armor or ward component on weapons has been lowered, but the protection is now cumulative.
- The level required to enter Night Tear has been lowered to 22.

Patch notes: 23/06/08

- The AP cost of PvP battles is now reduced when you fight an opponent with a higher level
- Defeating lower level characters now not always grants you a soul orb. The chances lowers as the level gap increases.
- You can now see the rating gained or lost as the end of PvP battles
- The rating lost when a bounty is on your head is now multiplied by 4

- The texts of almost all dungeons from level 3 to 15 were fixed (Many thanks to Arimith)
- Extra attacks in battles no longer activate summons
- The price of class charms was reduced.

Patch notes: 16/06/08

- Skirmish mode has been added to Player versus Player fights. Skirmish fights don't cost action points and don't give any reward either. However, they will trigger diminishing return like regular PvP fights, so you have to wait a day before being able to get rewards from the opponents you've attacked in skirmish mode.
- Player Search is available on the page of player list now.

- Player list has been modified to show only players who has been active since one week (logged at least once).
- Arena fights are not saved by default from now on, you can use the new option to save replay if you think it's important.
- Charm/Item information has been added in auction RSS feed.
- A RSS feed about most wanted players have been added.

Patch notes: 09/06/08

- Bounty hunters ! You can now place a gold bounty over the head of your enemies. The bounty will be active after up to 24 hours. Once it is, the first five players defeating the target will each earn a fifth of the bounty. Unclaimed bounties stack with new ones deposited by other players.

- Player titles were added. You can now earn titles via skills or some other achievements. From your character page, you can decide which of your titles will be displayed to others.
- Some monsters now give specific skills when defeated.
- The maximum amount of public fights has been increased from 3 to 5

- You can no longer make a craft when you have already 5 copies of the resulting charm.
- A bug in the "I forgot my password" feature has been fixed.
- Many typos were fixed, in the game and the chronicles

Patch notes: 01/06/08

- You can now send messages between characters. From the inspect screen, type in the text that you want to send to that player. You can also chose to ignore all the message from that player.

- Four new low-level crafts (lv3-6) have been added in the shop "Fight with Art" in Inachis.
- All the game clocks have been fixed.
- The reset timers have been adjusted to UTC (GMT +00:00)
- The city clock now have a different color.
- Various typos have been corrected.
- [Cold Bronze Chest] now have the dual rune Armor / Frost
- You can no longer run into monsters lv5-10 while doing rank 1 gathers

- Forum brownies can now be granted to people for they activity in the forum. They do nothing (yet), but they taste great !


- From your "account" page, you can now create and update a personal banner with your character's stats and use it on other forums or blogs.
- In your character page and on the inspect screen, you can now see indicators about the player's achievements in four different aspects of the game (Dungeons cleared, PvP rating, skills mastered, Number of unique charms)
- In the deck interface, you can now view a summary of a deck. This will list and sum up the base effects of the selected charms (effects over time are not counted). You can also "export" the list of charms to easily copy/paste it.
- The news on the character page received an overhaul.

- A few new jobs have been added for low levels
- Various typos were fixed
- The damage value of [Stone Fist] was toned down
- The dungeon reset will how happen at a constant rate of 12 hours

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Re: Patch notes
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New patch up