Author Topic: Auto bounty. A few questions.  (Read 1655 times)


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Auto bounty. A few questions.
« on: 01:45:40 - 05/04/09 »
Is the city bounty normally a minimum required bounty?  Can you get bountied by multiple city's?  As in: have a bounty, and get another one?

I THINK one of my bounty's was from a city.  Not sure.  But the fact that I was bountied again confuses me.
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Re: Auto bounty. A few questions.
« Reply #1 on: 02:35:36 - 05/04/09 »
I think the city bounties are minimum bounties.

The gold on a bounty is cumulative.  Each new bounty adds to the remaining gold. The counter for successful bounty takings (5) is not reset by new bounties.

So if you have a 1000 gp bounty and it gets taken 4 times for 200 gp each, that leaves 200 for the next taker.  If an additional 1000 bounty is set in the meantime, you will have a bounty of 1200 which will all go to whoever defeats you next that qualifies for the bounty.   At which point you will have no bounty.

The bounty news items always give you the total bounty including new and old.

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