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To answer some of the smaller questions that I've seen in the forums I just thought that I'd start a FAQ. If any people have any other questions I can edit them in later to keep it up to date.

Q: Why can't I use this charm?

A:Go to your charm page and hit the + button. This will give you the full view of the charm and all of the text that goes with that charm, some text has been left off of a few specific charms. Make sure that you meet all requirements.

Q:What's the use of this charm?

A:All charms have their uses someplace or another. Some strategies can utilize charms more than others. Even the ever popular deflagration can be used in the second fight of "The Water of Life".

Q:Is there a way to get rid of/trade my charms?

A:No, all charms are used for something.

Q: What stacks and what doesn't?

Most things in the game will stack on their own effects. (i.e. + to next, DoT's, summons) Also, armors and wards labeled cumulative will increase your current amount of Armor and Ward, Armors that do not have the 'cumulative' label on them will only increase your armor or ward to the amount labeled on the charm.Only a few things such as immunity will not stack. Protects and focuses do not stack over the last protect/focus. So if someone uses Strike (Focus for 6 rounds) and then the next person uses a renegade item it will not increase the Focus to 12 but instead it will put the focus for 7 rounds as the renegade item says. The same applies to protect, if someone uses Grand Shield (Protect for 6) and then a second grand shield on their second turn it will not increase the protects duration.

Edit: Free Waffles has kindly made a low level dungeon to explain this mechanic, if you have any more questions refer to the dungeon.

Q:How do I join this class?

Go to the city in which the class is located (For T1 it is Fighter-Inachis, Novice-Zeal, Recruit-Lumina, Scout-Eclis) all T2 advancements are located in the same city. If you are having trouble choosing your class be sure that you meet all requirements for the class and a button that says specialize should appear. Be cautious, once specialized in a class there is no turning back.

Q: Why did I lose, both sides died!?

A: If the battle comes down to a tie and both sides hit 0hp at the same time than the person or persons on the right or "defending" side win. If one person hits 0 spirit and the other person hits 0hp then the person with 0 spirit will win.

Q: Is this safe to get rid of?

A: As a rule of thumb most items that are grey are safe to get rid of. Green items are used for crafting and for certain guild items, these are o.k. to sell but will sometimes need to be farmed. Blue items are dropped from certain dungeons, these items will only come out of one dungeon and are used to craft powerful charms. These crafting shops are always located in the city, this only starts to happen at the Ghost Mine at level 17.

Q. What does "Max Growth" mean?

A. Max Growth is the amount of skill points that you can accumulate through working. After you hit Max Growth you will no longer obtain skill points from working. After this the only way that you can advance in level is by obtaining skills and eating foods marked with "special". Note that after Max Growth is hit that you can still obtain the skills and money from the jobs, just not the attribute points.

Q. What are special foods?

A. Special foods are foods that you can eat that do not raise your "Max Growth" meter.

Q. What can I not do with my alts?

A. There are only a few things that you can't do with your alternate accounts, one is collect bounty on them, and the other is use them to rank up skills .

Q. Are my stats good enough/ should I ONLY focus in my classes main stats?

A. As a general rule you will never only want to have points in your main two stats, this severely limits your area to use charms to only two different types of charms. While in the early stages of the game you will want to generalize your stats so that you can use all of the current runes and achieve at least R1 with each. Around 10-15 you'll need to start focusing in your main stats to be sure that you hit T1 whenever the time comes around. In the early 20's again it's not as important for your main stats to be insanely high, so you can generalize again, however be sure that you'll have 200 in your main stat to hit T2 at level 30. In the mid to late 30's it will be a goal to make sure that you're main stat has as many points in it without going over your class requirements, even if you think that you'll need them later don't worry, even if your main stat only needs to be at 350 you shouldn't have to worry about stats, elixirs, new skills unlocking at 40, and the rest of your work points should be more than enough to get you the 540 points needed to get the strongest charms focusing in your main stat. As a general rule you will have your 2 main stats, one lesser stat, and one dump stat to ignore, in the higher 30's you'll really want to start rounding out your stats so that you can use the wide variety of charms available in the 40's.
(A good area to keep your stats are 35% for main, 30% for secondary, 25% for you lesser, and only 10% for your dump stat. Don't forget to pump up that dump stat later though!)

Q. Is it possible at all that [insert suggestion here] will ever happen?

A. A few things that won't be changed are resets for moves, AP, dungeons, and other thing of the sort. Also no trading of charms (see above). You never know about anything else however.  ;)
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Probably needs to be pointed out that only defense charms marked cumulative stack. The what effects stack answer makes it sound like non-cumulative ones do. Focus/Protects overwrite previous Focus/Protect charms instead of stacking too. That entire answer needs to be fleshed out with what doesn't stack instead of just saying most effects do, otherwise it's not a very useful answer.

Otherwise, fairly good faq.


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Though I agree that we could work on the answer to make it better, it's still VERY useful to know that there are stackable effects and non-stackable ones. Honestly, it took me some time figure out that thing.