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Random Questions
« on: 02:51:37 - 02/21/09 »
I've been playing a while, but I figure new people might get some mileage out of these questions as well, so here goes!!

1.  Can someone explain cleanse vs purge vs normalize?  Does cleanse get rid of only enemy debuffs on you while leaving your buffs?  Does Purge get rid of enemy buffs and debuffs, or just buffs?  What is normalize?

2.  How long are the timeframes on the auctionhouse.  Is it like WoW where:  short < 30 mins, medium is 30 mins to 2 hrs, and long is 2 hrs to ??  How does this all work

3.  Does the 5 of every charm apply to epics as well, or can you only have one of each of those?


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Re: Random Questions
« Reply #1 on: 03:16:07 - 02/21/09 »
Cleanse works on you, it gets rid of negative effects such as poisons or ongoing -damage (might have to be checked on that one)
Purge works on your enemy, it gets rid of all ongoing positive effects such as Aura's (Prismatic Crystal, Embroidered Robe, Pyric Charge, etc.) and ongoing +damage
Normalize basically resets all damage counters to their original spot so if a charm has a base of 30 damage and someone boosted it by 100 then got normalized the next time he used that charm it would be the basic 30 damage. Same thing if he was sapped 40 damage to his next attack and got normalized, he would deal the 30 damage.

I have absolutely no idea how long individual auction house items last, sorry.

I only have one epic (Grallan's Rancor) but I have seen some people using 2 of those in one fight so I'm guessing that the five card limit applies to those as well.
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Re: Random Questions
« Reply #2 on: 04:35:26 - 02/21/09 »
1. There is a topic on this (I made it I think...) Will try to find it...

2. I think they last 4 hours. But if people bid on an item a bunch of times in a short period it bumps the time longer.

5. Wouldn't see why you couldnt get 5 of the epics... Not sure though.


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Re: Random Questions
« Reply #3 on: 09:32:10 - 02/21/09 »
1. Cleanse removes debuffs and resets ongoing/to next damage to 0 if it is less than 0.
Purge removes buffs and resets ongoing/to next damage to 0 if it is higher than 0
Normalize resets ongoing/to next damage to 0

2. No idea about auctions, but they do get extended if someone bids on them by about 5 minutes

3. You can have up to 5 of each epic