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Title: Estiah2 Beta guidelines
Post by: Lezard on 14:10:16 - 08/15/11
You have been given access to the beta server of Estiah 2, and first we would like to thank you for participating in this test. Your feedback is what will allow us to release a great game.

There are however a few points that we have to make clear:

* This is a BETA, meaning it is still an incomplete work. A lot of features are not implemented, and some are not working properly yet.
* It is very likely that we will have to wipe out all characters a few times during the course of the beta. If you do not like to see your character erased and all the things you collected lost, then you should wait a little bit for the official launch of the game.
* You have no obligation to participate in the forum, but getting feedback from the players is the main purpose of the beta so your opinion is more than welcome.
* You may talk about the things you see in the beta with players that do not participate, but you may not share your account with other people.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask in this forum.
Title: Re: Estiah2 Beta guidelines
Post by: Lezard on 01:28:59 - 02/09/14
Really important notice:

Do not post any bug report for text problems!
This include grammar / syntax / etc.