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Title: Two questions
Post by: Gias on 08:22:05 - 05/03/09
Exotic Grill
Usable : (1 charge) Use Requirement : Level 30
Rewards: +2 Pow

Does this count towards character growth? If I am already 900/900, can I boost Pow further with this item?

What's the requirement to create a new guild? In terms of gold and level and other restrictions?
I am currently in a guild but would like to leave and create my own, yet this information is not accessible once I am in a guild nor is it on the wiki. Perhaps someone can fix this.
Title: Re: Two questions
Post by: Bactrian on 08:38:03 - 05/03/09
Yes it counts growth
Therefore no to boosting power (though ive never actually tested it)

I have a feeling its only 10k gold but I'm really not certain.

Title: Re: Two questions
Post by: Forgetful on 09:36:40 - 05/03/09
1. yes, so you can't boost any further. what's the sense in elixirs otherwise?

2. quote from guild creation page: Once you reach level 20, you may pay 5000g and create your own guild. Although it seems simple, creating a successful guild requires a lot of work and dedication, since you will need to gain the support of many other players to develop it and make it rise.
Title: Re: Two questions
Post by: Gias on 22:01:12 - 05/03/09
Okay, thanks very much.