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Title: Explain how to lvl?
Post by: Rakiavik on 22:35:11 - 04/15/09
Can someone please explain how to lvl? I understand that you have to increase you attributes to do so. Like working at your job. But besides that im not to sure on. Any help please would be oh so grateful.

Thank you,
Title: Re: Explain how to lvl?
Post by: Kasyn on 23:22:00 - 04/15/09
Leveling is a bit backwards in Estiah - you need to increase your stats to gain levels.  Skillups (from battles, working, gathering, and a few other things), jobs, and some daily use items all add up to your stats.  Check the skills page and you should see what you have in progress and the stats it will reward.

There are plenty of threads and FAQs in the Beginners Tips forum that could help you out at this point in the game for you, check around and you should find some helpful stuff.

Gonna move this thread to that board where it's a bit more appropriate and perhaps will be helpful for future players too.

Good luck!