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Title: Auto Bounties by the system
Post by: Lucientheswaeger on 14:32:24 - 04/08/09
What are the conditions you have to meet to be bountied by the system for having a high PvP rating?

I gather there's a random factor, is they anything that causes the check to trigger? Such as winning a PvP fight or your PvP rating?

Or is it rating independant?
Title: Re: Auto Bounties by the system
Post by: Minrhael on 14:52:13 - 04/08/09
activity has nothing or perhaps very little to do with it certainly; i have alts i've ignored or not pvped with for a week and they get auto bountied.  high pvp rating definitely seems to help, although high is relative, my characters that don't enter coliseums still get bountied on occcasion even though they sit there at 1990-2000 while everyone around them is 2400-3200.
Title: Re: Auto Bounties by the system
Post by: Gothmogged on 16:32:39 - 04/08/09
I think it depends on relative rank within city, not globally.  So if you are among the highest ranked in a city you have a chance to get bountied.  The higher the rank you are, the more likely this is to happen.  Even players at the 2k mark can randomly end up relatively high as players move around.  The non T3 dungeon cities, Triland, Lumina, Aleas, Inachis, Skyrift and Zeal (and Windscar pre-WoL), don't get visited as often by high level/rank players.  I've gone for months without ever seeing Aleas and I'm pretty sure that short shopping trips to Hell Unleashed or the Inquisitors class trainer no one else had any reason to go there at T3.  Some of the post-patch events may even the distribution up a little.