Author Topic: The Shinsengumi is currently recruiting!  (Read 1495 times)


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The Shinsengumi is currently recruiting!
« on: 20:50:19 - 09/08/08 »

The Shinsengumi is currently recruiting.

  We are a group of honorable warriors following the ancient and wise traditions of Samurai protectors.
We are known as the Shinsengumi and our bite is fierce.

We have recently formed and are looking for like minded individuals to fill our ranks.
If you fit the following criteria please feel free to contact me with a private message.

  • Level 5+
  • Active player who likes teamwork.
  • Willing to build each day and to donate items that may be needed to build.[/u]

We currently have 6 slots open so join our ranks and run with The Shinsengumi!