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Hi there folks, Objection is a guild created for the sole purpose of having fun in estiah. The idea originally came from the famous game that has become worldwide known because of the famous phrase "OBJECTION" (Phoenix Wright). We're a mix of ppl from several countries, most of us spanish atm, but we are willing to have anyone in the guild aslong they play regularly ;D. If y ou're interested in joining us, don't hesitate to contact me and i will send you an invitation.



Hola amigos, Objection es una guild creada con el único propósito de pasarlo bien en el estiah. La idea surgió del famoso juego que se ha dado a conocer por su frase "OBJECTION" (Fenix Wright). Somos una guild con gente de distintos paises, la mayoria españoles de momento, pero estamos interesados en reclutar a cualquiera siempre y cuando juegue de un modo regular (dentro de lo que cabe). Si estais interesados, no dudeis en mandarme un pm y os invito.

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This is the only guild cool enough to accept Phoenix Wright as member. Don't you want to be cool too?