Author Topic: Good, Bad, Ugly  (Read 2778 times)


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Good, Bad, Ugly
« on: 07:38:12 - 09/25/13 »
Random brawl between shortdecks : 120 EDPT (159 raw DPT); aggressive ramp-up (11 turns, 15 actions); 1v1 (no external buffs/support).

Other shortdecks can pull off similar numbers, from 1v1 (NB) to 3v3/GvG (PC), to anywhere (GS). Spirit, all the same; at 50+, whenever spirit wins, it typically does so within 10-15 turns against full decks (5-10 against shortdecks).

Summa summarum, and rounding off sloppily, level 50+ folks have a spirit pool of 70, yet they can obliterate each other in 15 turns or less. It's no bragging/whining, no call for anything... just a tongue-in-cheek, mostly rhetoric question : is the spirit pool a "PvE thing", forever banished from the PvP realm ?

PS. Just got asked if we're banning PC for October's Colishuffle round. Go figure. :laugh:


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Re: Good, Bad, Ugly
« Reply #1 on: 18:52:24 - 09/25/13 »
The issue is not with spirit pool, but DPT/health ratio.
There are enough strategies that require full deck to achieve high DPT, but I believe that they are extinct in the shortdeck metagame.

PS Ban PC everywhere.


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Re: Good, Bad, Ugly
« Reply #2 on: 05:27:14 - 09/26/14 »
Does this really Do you have a summary of this came from.