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Translation search
« on: 08:19:13 - 06/01/14 »
Would it be possible to be able to search for a word to translate over all categories? Or if it is already possible, how to do it?

For example, I just noticed a typo : When I click on a star in the translation page, I receive the message : "Nedd to be a moderator"

Of course, since I'm in the typo/translation page, I want to change it! But so far I just couldn't find where this message is and I don't really want to have to search all categories to find it (there are a lot!)

I'm not even sure error messages can be translated (which woud be sad :( )


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Re: Translation search
« Reply #1 on: 13:49:09 - 06/01/14 »
you can't search cross text groups yet, we'll probably do this once most of texts are translated.

texts are grouped by item, card, page etc. if you are trying to translate a charm's name, you'll
certainly find it in its own group. same goes for the deck builder page, most of texts are in the
corresponding group (beside some commonly used ones).

that being said... you had bad luck trying to fix "Nedd to be a moderator" which is not available
for translation :D translation UI is the only page that doesn't need translation (quite obvious
reason) ~~