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« on: 17:30:52 - 05/06/14 »
Impressions, comments?

As for myself:
1. I find the audiovisual package and interface appalling. Not that I'm particularly fond of hyperbolic statements, I just can't ignore how this game looks and sounds. Terrible, simply terrible.
2. A clear turn for the better mechanics-wise. Not stellar by any means, but it does have room for less-than-obvious gameplay.
3. F2P? P2W? Whatever the hell you may find it, the two poles coalesce into muddy waters.

In short, not impressed. To say that I prefer E1 over HS would be an understatement. Still, everyone and their mother flocks over it. Because "omg n3w gaem!!1", because "bli77ard". It's fine, it's a title targeted at the masses. I'll merrily keep being an E1 aficionado.


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Re: Hearthstone
« Reply #1 on: 19:09:35 - 05/06/14 »
Played it for a couple of days back then, looked "promising" while also obviously not about to drastically improve or change much in the future (it's Blizzard after all, not some crazy independent guy coding in their garage) despite its potential. "Targeted at the masses" fits this well, I guess it's an okay way to kill time if you have to (I prefer Spectromancer by far for that purpose though).
Arena was cool for not being P2W at least, but overall, it felt pretty limited in scope and possibilities offered.
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Re: Hearthstone
« Reply #2 on: 08:52:57 - 05/07/14 »
played a few games during the beta then completely forgot about it (i don't like TCGs).
while i praise the quality and the finish of the game, i keep thinking about the chinese clone.
they kind of copy pasted everything based on HS beta and still managed to release it on every
platform (ios, android etc.) before blizzard. so yeah... that's way more impressive ^^


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Re: Hearthstone
« Reply #3 on: 05:05:00 - 12/22/14 »
Bleach Online is also a fun online rpg