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Crafting Store interface
« on: 09:01:06 - 04/10/14 »
Will the crafting store eventually be updated to show how many of the charm you currently have, and graying out the ones you have four of?  Like the normal stores?

It would also be helpful to see at a glance what you have the mats to make.  Maybe have the appropriate item icons next to the price in the list (no quantity needed)?  Full brightness if you have the material it represents, dimmed if not?

It would also be helpful to have a Usable toggle (in both normal in crafting stores)  to hide everything you already have four of or dont meet the requirements for.  Right now the toggles of Item, Charm and Craft don't seem to have much meaning in any of the stores, as each one only sells one type of thing.  I could see this maybe changing in the future, but not to the extent that you would need toggles to sort through them?  Could also replace the Category sort in charm stores with Rune.

Also, make the select arrow in the list light up brighter when you select an item to show that it recognizes you took an action (applies to inventory ui as well). 
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Re: Crafting Store interface
« Reply #1 on: 10:48:07 - 04/10/14 »
shop/craft interfaces need quite a bit of rework yeah, "useless" cards in shop are already greyed out, but it's a bit
tricky to do so in craft shop.

card/item/craft filter is quite useless for sure, since we don't have that many shops of mixed type. i do wish to bring in
the same rune filter from deck, and again, not the easiest one to do.

atm we are busy at preparing the game for open beta, but we'll improve shops later (hopefully in time for the release) for sure.