Author Topic: Lose on death/exhaust in campaign?  (Read 3855 times)


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Lose on death/exhaust in campaign?
« on: 10:19:23 - 02/11/14 »
This is something that is kinda bugging me : it seems at the moment that in campaign mode (at least) the fight is lost when our character is exhausted or defeated even if our allies are still alive.

First, it is counter-intuitive since on the end of fight recap it is said that fight has ended because all allies have been defeated or exhausted. Which is not true,
since all my allies are still alive. Then, I think it makes the game a lot more complicated with no real added value. My example for that is the Campaign 2-4. Here we are, 4 vs 6, one of us tanks with protect. In front of us a big reaver that protects and 5 adds. Our tank says : go kill the adds. Since the big one has protect, it is clear that the main goal of the fight is to use the area of effect spell we won in the previous fight. And sure enough it does the job, all adds are killed easily, meanwhile our allies nuke the reaver. But now here comes what feels to me a useless complication. It is now necessary for me to survive while it is obvious that the other will kill the big one and the fight is won. But since I selected only 6 spells to make it easier to kill the adds, hop, I'm dead, fight is lost.
The fight is not impossible, I've done it. But it requires some useless fine tuning according to me and also worries me for the future. Because it tells me that if I ever want to make a full protect fight, I would have to survive. Even if I manage to make my allies live long enough to kill them all.

Now I don't know if all the campaign fights are like this or just this one but I'm not sure I like it. Or at least, change the line that says why I lost ~~


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Re: Lose on death/exhaust in campaign?
« Reply #1 on: 11:27:44 - 02/11/14 »
I agree with the counter-intuitive nature of it, and the lack of consistency about this (when a player dies in a raid fight, it's not a defeat for the whole team and they can still win and get the rewards, which is cool in my opinion).
Now I personally don't mind that in the campaign, dead hero = instant defeat. If in some fights it can be a bit of an issue, I think in general it's a good addition to ensure you can't just die and still get lucky with your allies doing your job. Of course the example you gave was a bit different since you basically did what you were supposed to, but I believe we can keep going this way as far as the campaign is concerned.

Sheira suggests "Lose conditions" to be stated at the beginning of the fight, that could help clear things out, along with changing the line saying "all allies have been defeated".
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Re: Lose on death/exhaust in campaign?
« Reply #2 on: 14:58:21 - 02/11/14 »
"all allies have been defeated" is more a text placeholder than anything, we have a lot of work to
do regarding game wording.

on the other hand, i doubt we'll change lose condition :
single player : player death/exhaust = lose
multi player : all players death/exhaust = lose

about the hidden victory conditions through various compaign fights, it's more a matter of spoiling
the fight (and the fun) or not. we have a hard time to decide over this. we really hope fights are
well designed enough so players realize by themselves that some "impossible" fights have alternative
victory condition instead of keeping bumping an unbreakable wall. we really don't want to yell at
players all the time to tell them what to do, one of the most important aspects of a game is
discovery, we don't want to waste that.