Author Topic: How do i change class?  (Read 1965 times)


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How do i change class?
« on: 17:14:25 - 01/27/14 »
Well i'm level 20 and i have high enough stats to be Novice, but i don't know how to change class, can someone please help me?


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Re: How do i change class?
« Reply #1 on: 18:26:59 - 01/27/14 »
first make sure you have right stats (100 Int and 80 of POW or Dex or CON), then go to Zeal and visit Novice's Gathering Room. Be aware if still haven't decided for T3, this can't be undone and you will be limited to 6 possible T3 after change, so check now Classes, if haven't.