Author Topic: Priority? Charms or skills?  (Read 2817 times)


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Priority? Charms or skills?
« on: 18:09:51 - 12/27/12 »
Hello there. Still struggling on level 17, I discovered I dont have bunch of skills finished (Fire, Axe, Earth, iron will and leadership not even rank 1, + shadow, holy not on rank 2) and even though my selection of charms is decent, it is slowly becoming obsolete as Im entering higher levels. But I know I will have to level those skills one day and it's gonna be harder without low mobs in arena.

Should I run dungeons for charms or try to max those skills before hitting level 20?


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Re: Priority? Charms or skills?
« Reply #1 on: 18:24:25 - 12/27/12 »
Priority is both charms and skills, especially the skills that give you more HP and spirit. You can leave them for later but it will get harder and harder and more annoying to max them (you will sooner or later need them all). As for charms becoming obsolete, that's because you are always leveling up. You cant stop that, but you can slow down by not working jobs and leveling up with only skills. This will give you more time to farm skills and charms, and use them, and get new, higher level ones, even before you reach those levels, which will allow you to be competitive at any level.


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Re: Priority? Charms or skills?
« Reply #2 on: 20:11:48 - 12/27/12 »
I would say priority is skills.  IIRC, you can always run a dungeon to get the charms at a later time because you don't need to be the within 3 levels of the mob.  However, to get your skills learned you need to be within 3 levels which will make things harder.

I am a noob so take the above with a grain.


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Re: Priority? Charms or skills?
« Reply #3 on: 08:48:01 - 12/31/12 »
You can train skills in dungeons, too, so try to do that as much as you can.  That way you get both charms and skills.  If that's not possible, skills are more important to get than charms, especially early on.