Author Topic: Was the progress this slow?  (Read 1758 times)


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Was the progress this slow?
« on: 21:52:12 - 12/23/12 »
I played ~2 years ago with a guild that migrated from one previous web browser RPG and got my character to lvl 40+, then I gave my account to a friend in guild and left.
Something reminded me of this game today and I picked up my one small alt and decided to try to play again. Slowly browsing options I remembered all the bits of knowledge I had about this game and got caught again. But I blasted thru the 1200+ AP, 2 job timers and didnt even get a level, got maybe two new charms  and that is just on level 16. None of the skills really got upgraded, besides leadership from the focus charms and a bit of holy, rest is mastered on my table.

Am I forgetting something, am I doing something wrong (I spent around 150 on Vampire in Abandoned Manor only to figure out easy strategy to beat him later, and about 600 on first rank of gathering, rest in arena and pvp) or was the game progress always this slow and I just dont remember it?


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Re: Was the progress this slow?
« Reply #1 on: 10:44:41 - 12/24/12 »
you can speed up a bit your leveling if you maximize skill acquiring, but yeah, it's intended
that you spend only a few minutes everyday but play often.


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Re: Was the progress this slow?
« Reply #2 on: 15:51:59 - 12/26/12 »
I am finding between work, and other crap, that managing two characters is perfect for me.
Other than just spending AP, there is making sure you are farming the RIGHT spots to get the charms you are looking for.  Setting up your decks, correctly.  Working on guild stuff, I recommend getting involved in one if your interested in it.

Just a minor FYI that you may have figured out, if your skills say Mastered at Rank 1, at lvl 16 this is actually incorrect, you can now work those skills and they will roll over to working towards Rank 2. You may already know this.

If you already have all the charms you want, have the money you need, and you have what you want mastered at Rank 2.  Then I guess the only left is to take jobs to push yourself to Lvl 20 and that that first class and then farm supplies/money so you can get what you want when you get there.

Take care!