Author Topic: Looking for an active beginner guild!  (Read 1893 times)


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Looking for an active beginner guild!
« on: 21:29:56 - 12/12/12 »

i am looking for a beginner guild. ive played the game allready for some days but would like to get a deeper inside into the mechanics of the game and the character development.

i want to join an active guild so ican meet new people and more experienced people so i can learn.

greetings Ben


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Re: Looking for an active beginner guild!
« Reply #1 on: 23:03:59 - 12/12/12 »
Sounds like Gone Hiking (GoHo) might be the place for you, Dengmamm.

We're a new guild workin' our way through things. But, it gives a player of your level a position where you can be not only an asset to our guild functions, but potentially a valuable one. Our players are currently level 7-17 and growing daily. I personally have been involved with Estiah for a good deal of time, but decided to start over fresh with a new character rather recently, so I've got a good handle on both the low end levels and some of the high level content of the game and am always looking to help guild members.

The only issue, we do need to finish building our next guild hall yet to get space for you to join in. I'll send you by an invite in a few days once we've got that taken care of.