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Warlord Questions
« on: 15:20:55 - 05/05/12 »
I've been looking into classes lately, specifically Constitution based classes, and Warlords have caught my eye. I just have a few questions relating to the class.

1. Are they actually effective? If so against what classes, and with which classes do they meld with in a team?
2. It seems like to me that while great against melee opponents, Warlord's would have serious trouble beating magic opponents. Is this true?
3. How good are Spear charms, and how much does an effective Warlord actually use them?
4. Anything else I should know?

If you have some battles showing a Warlord at work that you could show me as well that would be awesome.   ;D
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Re: Warlord Questions
« Reply #1 on: 16:28:57 - 05/05/12 »
1. Warlords are quite effective, against practically anybody. They are great on teams with other melee people, and late-game they can abuse Gravity Spear with summoner buddies.
2. Warlords tend to be auras and CPB-powered, which generally means they take a little while to build up. To paraphrase Einar, one of the most successful warlords around these parts, "if a Warlord had a ten-turn headstart against their opponents they'd never lose".  They're vulnerable to people who can kill them very quickly (fast spirit decks, fast Pyros) and people who can purge them or normalize them (wardens, slayers).
3. Spear charms are mostly pretty terrible, in the early levels, because of their low base damage; later on, mid-40s or so, once you can start running melee aura decks with Niflungar spears and so on, Spears are pretty solid. In the late game, there's Gravity Spear which is a ridiculously good charm, and Pride of Shaula (the level 50 Spear epic) is also very good.
4. By the late-late-late game, it really won't matter too much what class you've chosen (though Warlords get Gravity Spear which is an amazing late-game charm). But I'm pretty sure no Warlord has ever wished they were a Paladin instead.


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Re: Warlord Questions
« Reply #2 on: 04:17:58 - 05/11/12 »
Just watch two boring Warlord with 250+ cpb trying to impale one another before you decide to choose such class:
Modulation Crystal takes effect, Sourmilk's armor raises to 148
Sourmilk's melee attacks are increased by up to 2940
Sourmilk's magic attacks are increased by up to 2940
The Modulation Crystal loses its glow