Author Topic: "Boss down!" thread  (Read 1190 times)


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"Boss down!" thread
« on: 13:24:03 - 02/10/14 »
Use this thread to let me know when you finally manage to defeat a tough boss, which whatever comment comes to your mind.
This will help us get a better idea of the current progress of players in the beta.


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Re: "Boss down!" thread
« Reply #1 on: 20:33:43 - 02/10/14 »
Geyser Caverns done

Probably the worst offender in needing charms that drop from earlier fights in the dungeon to win. There are no Earth drops before, then every fight in this dungeon drops Earth. I could not win by buying all the Earth charms from vendors till the appropriate level. Had to buy some high level ones and get a lucky draw to win. Difficulty seems okay if there would be enough Earth charms to at least fill a deck to 50%.