Author Topic: Max Growth without Jobs  (Read 2746 times)


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Max Growth without Jobs
« on: 07:12:38 - 11/11/11 »
Has been a long, long, grind - but here it is! You do the math. The character growth is from every possible skill that does not require a job that raises one's attributes. I've maxxed every possible skill for a level 34 character except Rank 2 Charm Alchemist (because the sum total of every other available skill doesn't let you get high enough attributes to use Strike, Flame Scabbard, or Ice Scabbard).

What now?  I guess it's time to go get a job!

Was anyone else crazy (or stupid) enough to try this?


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Re: Max Growth without Jobs
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Re: Max Growth without Jobs
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That's pretty great :) Too bad about the charm alchemist though (not that it would get you much further, but still :)).
There was a contest like this a while ago (is that by any chance where you got the idea?), but otherwise I dont think anyone's ever tried it (or at least I dont know of any such attempts).
I think congratulations are in order in any case :)