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Another test monster
« on: 16:23:50 - 08/26/11 »
One way that we might test different deck and play styles is to have a monster with 10k hps that just sits there - another Rat God.  No armor, no ward, no damage.  Then we can compare how much damage a deck does playing it one way (breaking a lot of charms, trying to link, just clicking) and how two people play the EXACT same deck.  The objective isn't to "win", it's to see how low the deck you build and play can get the hps of the mob.

It's not realistic for the future, but it's more objective when it comes to figuring out the "best" or "most balanced" way to do things and definitely more objective when we can compare numbers between players/decks/play-styles.
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Re: Another test monster
« Reply #1 on: 16:31:21 - 08/26/11 »
Great idea. It would be nice if we could select to fight against that specific monster.


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Re: Another test monster
« Reply #2 on: 17:22:49 - 08/26/11 »
you'll be able to do that when pve part of the game comes.
we'll create arenas with special training mobs.