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Modifier deck
« on: 09:01:17 - 08/26/11 »
Has anyone been able to put together a successful tech / modifier deck?

If you tried and failed, what did you feel the gear was lacking?


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Re: Modifier deck
« Reply #1 on: 12:52:25 - 08/26/11 »
I've been able to make a pretty good Axe/Tech deck that relies on damage modifiers. Spear/Tech was also good, but less so than Axe. I only tested straight up damage modifiers. There are two things that I think can make them more viable:

1 - Make non tech charms that extend modifiers. It doesn't even have to be a big extension. +1 turn sprinkled on a few charms could do the trick. Since axe seemed pretty good to me, that could be mostly spear's specialty? Although spear already tries to do a lot of things.

2 - Maybe make it so breaking doesn't reduce the duration of modifiers you have on you. Breaking a charm really doesn't use the effect of the modifiers so it makes me feel I have wasted it. This would require a lot of testing.


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Re: Modifier deck
« Reply #2 on: 13:18:36 - 08/26/11 »
I tried out a spear/axe/holy tech mods deck, added in some wp (without the sources) for bloodlust and the occasional tech requiring gold macros.
I ended up exhausting Stone Elemental, though I was trying to kill it. Probably not enough direct damage on my side (I think I can fix that through building the deck more carefully) but I also had trouble generating techs in the beginning, then it became more a problem of generating red/blue macros... I could probably make something work with less heavy modifiers and more direct damage (would help with generating more macros probably), though I was trying to get mods to stack and to extend them for the Overpower effect.
My last problem was with the versatility of runes you get; even through trying to plan it out it gets very hard to set for link boni. There'd need red or blue charms oriented tech/mods to help with that, so you can break something giving you the red/blue macro you need in order to get your bonus.
At any rate, I'll try to improve my deck and see how it goes.
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