Author Topic: Sound Cues in fights  (Read 1306 times)


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Sound Cues in fights
« on: 01:40:58 - 08/26/11 »
Certain distinct sound cues could eliminate some confusion during a fight, such as:

- When your delay ends and you act (you can even have a different sound based on whether you play a hand or source charm)
- When your opponent acts
- When a new charm enters your hand
- When you break a charm

Et cetera.

Given there is so much competition for your attention on the field, being able to rely on sounds for some events taking place may be able to reduce some of the issues.


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Re: Sound Cues in fights
« Reply #1 on: 01:44:31 - 08/26/11 »
Could tie your delay with a rising tone - starts low and quiet then rises in volume as you get closer to "zero."  When you "cross zero" then it chimes into a bell sound.
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Re: Sound Cues in fights
« Reply #2 on: 01:51:13 - 08/26/11 »
Gotta be careful not to have too many.  And might need to reduce them depending on play speed.

Or, better yet, make a lot then let the player choose which cues he wants to hear in some options/preferences page.  You would need to create a reasonable default setup of course.
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