Author Topic: add drawn charms to battle log  (Read 1323 times)


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add drawn charms to battle log
« on: 03:43:46 - 08/25/11 »
Can you add the charms that are drawn to the battle log?  Without a battle replay system, it's hard to describe to people the issues we run into when playing - like "i had a ton of sword charms and had to cycle source" or "i drew crap and had to break" or "i stack my gear with junk charms to break but then I get draw deficient."

This will also help us compare gear composition and play style.
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Re: add drawn charms to battle log
« Reply #1 on: 17:11:04 - 08/25/11 »
battle replay is my top priority task, right after fixing all annoying connection and matchmaking problems.
btw someone asked for the feature to be able to rejoin the battle after being dropped, it's planned but
kinda hard to do (that's why many games don't support it), we'll see we can manage it.