Author Topic: Gear hinting for asynchrony  (Read 1277 times)


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Gear hinting for asynchrony
« on: 22:54:34 - 08/24/11 »
As noted in the main forum, synchronous play is an issue for many.

To address this I propose we construct a way for the user to guide gear usage so that they can automate some fights asynchronously for group events which normally require real time on line synchronous play.

It could in theory become quite complex, but in practice I think a reasonably simple form might suffice. 

Simplest form would have the user prioritize their charms.  So that if multiple charms could be satisfied, the highest priority is chosen. 

This could be enhanced to allow the user to specify a break threshold:
* break this charm whenever it comes up
* break this charm when it comes up and nothing else can be played
* break this charm if it will satisfy a higher priority charm
* never break this charm.

A bunch of more elaborate targeting and wait for conditions could be specified, but we might be able to provide a basic level of automated gear competence with a very small number of simple preference settings on a charm by charm basis.

People could even run interactively with these turned on and override them if they think they know better.
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Re: Gear hinting for asynchrony
« Reply #1 on: 17:07:06 - 08/25/11 »
some games make this kind of meta strategy features for auto-play, but it can get very very complicated.
i don't think we're gonna support asynchronous play since it's like asking this in other real time games.
all pvp and pve will be balanced around synchronous play, asynchronous matches will suck so much that
it's not worth the efforts i think.


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Re: Gear hinting for asynchrony
« Reply #2 on: 18:20:10 - 08/25/11 »
Are "dungeon resets" going to be like they are in e1?  So that if you have a group of people with a relatively consistent play time you can knock out your Grallan's run once or twice a day? 

That may or may not make people feel better about it.
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