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Guild related tips
« on: 20:32:04 - 07/02/08 »
Here are the different ranks and what they can do. This list will evolve as new features are released.

G = Guild Master
O = Officers
V = Veteran
M = Members

- Promote/ Demote members (except GM)
- Edit GMOTD
- Edit guild description
- Change guild initials
- Upload a banner

- Use the guild Shoutbox


How to Demote/Promote a member (Officers only)

Menu Guild => View Members, officers can click on the rank of a member, a droplist will appear and choose one from the list.


How to Join/Quit a squad

Menu Guild => View Squads, members can click on [Join] or [Quit] buttons on the squads.


How to Create a squad

Menu Guild => View Squads, members needs to fill out the squad creation form and click on [Create]


How to Disband a squad or remove a member (Officers only)

Menu Guild => View Squads, officers have extra [X] buttons next to squad and member name, click on it to remove squad or member.


How to Re-arrange squads (Officers only)

Menu Guild => Declaration guild wars, officers can see squads, drag&drop to change their order, don't forget to [Save] !


How to Gquit/Gkick

Menu Guild => View members, members can see a [Quit] button next to themselves, click and then confirm to leave the guild. In
addition, officers can use [Kick] button to remove a member from the guild.


How to Disband a guild or Resign as guild master (Guild Master only)

Menu Guild => View guild account => there are two links at the bottom of the page that only guild master can see, they lead to
the pages of guild disband and resignation.

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Re: Guild related tips
« Reply #1 on: 11:03:27 - 08/06/08 »
Guild war modes :

Battle Mode

Cost : 70 guild action point for the attacker, 50 for the defender

Squad Count : decided by the attacker, at least 3. incomplete squads will not be filled with ungrouped members
unless there aren't enough squads.

Reward : guild honor points and guild rating change

Diminishing return : both guild for 48 hours. (unable to request battle or siege)

Must be accepted by the defender or the challenge will be aborted after 24 hours. The attacker will get back
the initially paid action points if aborted. If defender accepts the challenge, the fight will start in 6 hours, and
cannot be canceled afterward.

Siege Mode

Cost : 210 guild action points for the attacker

Squad Count : at least 3 squads, every member will participate in the siege. Ungrouped members will fill in
incomplete squads or form new squads.

Rewards : guild honor points and guild rating change. The attacker also destroy the defender's building points if
victory, gain gold generated from effectively destroyed building points, will NOT steal from the defender's vault.

Diminishing return : the attacker guild for 48 hours. (unable to request battle or siege to the defender)

Siege cannot be refused or canceled, both guilds have 24 hours to prepare the final showdown.
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