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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
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As Zeus (dollstate) and Athena stare one another down in a slow flowing moment of truth, Ares (Corpsemourne), still clutching at his frostbitten hand crosses the battle-ravaged plateau to help Apollo lift a groggy Artemis (Sparky) to her feet.

"Are you well, sister?"

Artemis looks past Ares at her sister standing small before their grand patriarch.  "Well enough, Ares.  And thank you, brother," Artemis squeezes Apollo's arm and walks unsteadily forward a few feet.

"We all stand, though Demeter has fallen.  I did not believe we would fare that well."

"Nor I, truth be told," Ares agrees.

Apollo moves to stand beside his sister.  "What of father?"

"I do not know..."

Ares interjects.  "If anyone can have this matter well in hand, it will be Athena.  She is Zeus' favorite.  It is fitting she bring him back to sanity or destroy him, whatever the end result may be."

Artemis looks off to the north where Hephaestus and Hermes sit as fatigued spectators also.  "And no matter the result, we six of the loins of Zeus shall remain.  Is that how the fates intend it, do you wonder?"

"You know you have my bow and my love, Artemis," Apollo answers.

"Aye, you probably have a less martial intent to your question, but you have my sword at your side as well, Artemis.  You've always given me my respect."

"Then make sure, brothers, that you find faithfulness in each other as well.  For if things amongst the heirs of Zeus-- the second generation removed from Cronus-- turn ugly, I would not want to choose between you, as you very nearly made me do early in this mess Ares."

"I harbor no ill will towards Apollo, despite any dearth of closeness we might have had in the past.  I can only hope he agrees.  My wars are for the men down below.  I've decided bloodshed amongst us is entirely too messy, in more ways than one."  Ares scans the devastated mountain top that he once called home.

Apollo muses.  "If Artemis calls you true ally, then so shall I brother.  I hope your words are as true as they ring and you're not just a talented liar."

Ares smirks.

"I will gladly bow to Athena if that time ever comes.  As will Apollo, I know.  And you Ares?"

Ares' smirk vanishes even quicker than it had appeared.  His eyes close and he takes a deep breath.  "She is my better.  As she's always made very evident... It may tarnish my name amongst mortals, but I will bow to my sister if that is what is asked of me.  I may even find myself a willing subject."  An intense but faraway fire burns in Ares' eyes as Artemis scans her brother's face, he staring out at his father and sister, motionless in some struggle of wills.

She shakes her head and then begins to chew her lip.  "And what of Hephaestus...  He is my brother, and I hold in my heart a place for him.  But where can one such as he fit in the grand scheme of things in this new chapter for us?"

Ares breaks his gaze from Athena and Zeus and barks a laugh.  "Come now sister,  after everything that led us up to this day, and after the part you played in it, you're not about to tell me you take umbrage at the thought of a cripple being an elder like we're making steps to become?  If I can make my peace with Hephaestus, you can definitely stave off your prejudices to his physical handicap.  He is valuable and strong, I'll grant him that most certainly."

Artemis nod hesitantly.

Suddenly Zeus roars and takes a meaty-armed swing at Athena who nimbly jumps back away from him.

The God of Thunder sprints away, heading straight towards his other offspring.

All three tense and ready their weapons.  Across the ruined grounds, Hephaestus and Hermes do likewise.

"Son!  Ares!  Protect me!  Your sister, my most beloved daughter.  My most precious... she plots against me!  Why would she do this after all I have done for her!"

Ares' mouth opens, stunned. 

"She claims me mad, Ares!  She claims I have become as Demeter before me!  You of all my dear children must understand what it's like to be branded a madman.  She says I must die for Olympus to live again!  You must protect me, Ares!  My strongest son must become his father's right hand.  I will grant you whatever boon you desire!  Athens, Hades, Death itself!  Any realm you wish is yours for the taking!  I am still your father and I am still the son of Cronus meant to rule all gods!  You will replace Poseidon as my most trusted adviser.  Just-- you must keep Athena and your siblings at bay-- or destroy them if the need arises."

Athena, having crept up behind Zeus, and the others listen to this rant and watch as spittle foams at the corners of their father's mouth.  They eye Ares uneasily, despite his recent promise.

He looks at his father, mouth agape, even more dumbfounded.

"Father... I want no further bloodshed amongst us...," he repeats his prior words to Artemis and Apollo.

Everyone looks to Ares, nerves on edge, as his thought hangs in mid air.

-Artemis engages Ares.  They each share an outcome.

-Zeus engages Ares.  Ares will prevent the next struggle that occurs to Zeus in which he would have been eliminated. 
-Ares gains any offensive bonuses Zeus has (+1).
-If Zeus is eliminated after this, Ares will deal 2 status (+ bonuses) to the eliminating god.

It is now Ares' turn.

Once again, many apologies for the delay. Hooray for parenthood.


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #91 on: 19:33:11 - 08/25/10 »
The storm clouds above Olympus grow thick and black and the rolling thunder becomes a constant growl in the background

"Father...  you yourself told us what was happening to Demeter.  Hestia, too, explained the dangerous power flux that is occurring.  Now, you too are affected.  Please, listen to reason.  Something has been set into motion that none of us can stop.  We harbor no ill against you, father, but the sons and daughters of Cronus must quit the Mount for good or be destroyed like Demeter."

Ares (Corpsemourne) stands, stalwart against his father, and braces himself for the result of his words.

Artemis (Sparky) leans over to Apollo (Azharh) and whispers, "Father is not Hades, nor Hestia.  Neither of them ever belonged on the Mount.  Their departure made all, including themselves, happy.  Zeus will not step down off Olympus willingly, even if he was thinking rationally."

Apollo nods grimly.

"You dare usurp your king and father!"  Zeus backhands Ares and the God of War goes soaring away, arcs of lightning dancing over his body.

The twins backpedal, alternating concerned looks at Ares and calculating looks at their mad father.

Zeus moves deliberately towards Ares.  The younger god stirs and groans.

Apollo stops his retreat, a look of resolve hardening his features.  He looks up to the sky and thrusts his arms into the thrumming air. 

Instantly, a break in Zeus' clouds rips open and sunlight pours down onto the Mount.  The God of the Sun murmurs to himself and the light focuses into a golden beam that falls in a warm halo over Ares.  The warrior god gasps in surprise and exaltation and he leaps to his feet, shooting a quick glance towards his brother in acknowledgment. 

Without a word, Artemis sprints towards Zeus and Ares and before the challenged King of the Gods can close the distance between he and his son, Artemis is by her brother's side.  She looks to him, her bow at the ready.

Ares eyes focus in front of him, and without looking at Artemis, he says quietly.  "Stay your hand sister.  And follow my lead."

As Zeus approaches, Ares drops to one knee, head bowed.  Zeus stops, swaying a bit drunkenly, and looks down at Ares and then Artemis as she duplicates Ares' pose.

"Submit then, do you my children?"

Ares shakes his head, eyes still downcast.  "No my father.  The children of Cronus have ended their time at this place.  It is time for the children of the Mighty Zeus to take their rightful place as the rulers of this world.  You were king of this Mount father.  But your must step down from your throne.  I believe your most cherished daughter shall be our queen."

Ares' words catch in his throat with uncertainty before he can continue.  "And if you do not slay me as I kneel before you, then perhaps-- just maybe Athena shall let me be her king."

Ares hears a whispering intake of breath from Artemis beside him.  Ares finally lifts his gaze from the earth to his Father and sees in those maddened eyes, a glimmer of the sane mind of his father and the shock even he registers at the words of his son.

"So what will it be father.  Shall we die at your hands, you at ours, or will you let the world move on and rejoice in the glory of your offspring and the splendor of the reign you had for so long?"

A still form stands poised behind Zeus, sword drawn back, quivering and ready to strike.

-Ares engages Artemis.  The two share an outcome
-Apollo engages Ares and heals 0-3 status (1) on him

It is now Hephaestus' turn


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #92 on: 06:09:55 - 09/04/10 »
The bloodthirsty haze seems to lift from Zeus' (Dollstate) vision as he looks at his children upon their knees.  "Know you what you ask of me, my son?  To give up the world-- the universe-- without a fight?  I am not a doddering old man or a monster like my own father..."  His head jerks with a nervous tick as the rage induced by the celestial power vacuum niggles at his brain. 

A hobbling form lurches around the towering form of Zeus.  The King of the Gods turns to see Hephaestus (Toben) place his hand on Athena's (Bazabaza) sword arm.  Zeus' eyes widen in brewing fury but Hephaestus speaks.  "Stay thy hand sister.  We are not the sort to strike when one has their back turned on us.  We shall handle this with honor, agreed?"

Athena trembles slightly in barely repressed fear and anger and then swallows audibly.  "Agreed, Hephaestus."

"You speak of giving up the universe, father.  But you do not give up everything.  You give up a title, this hunk of rock, and the affairs of man.  Little really in the grand scheme of things.  Your brothers will remain kings of the realm of sea and underworld and you shall remain king of the heavens.  But we ask that you let your children take over the realm of the earth in earnest, answering only to ourselves, and let yourself be done with it.  The earth is a messy and tiresome charge.  Your taste for the females down below aside, would you not rather wash your hands of it all?"

Zeus looks around at his children gathered before him.  Even Hermes comes nearer, though he still keeps his distance nervously.  "It times-- more often than not to be honest-- an unpleasant responsibility.  Which begs the question, why would you care to take it on for yourself?  You believe Athena can lead you as I have?  Truly?"

Hephaestus takes his father's hand.  "Even her most bitter rival is willing to bend a knee to her father.  I would follow her as far as my crippled body would take me."

Zeus looks down at Ares (Corpsemourne).  “You would follow the sister you’ve warred with since the two of you were striplings?  And you would ask her to be your bride on top of that?”

Ares nods once.

The King of the Gods turns to Athena.  “And you, my daughter, would take his hand?”

Athena gnaws on her bottom lip as her sword tip dips into the earth.  After an awkward silence, she responds.  “Ares, my brother, I am eternally grateful for the honor and comradery you have displayed with us in defeating Demeter, and thank you for your pledge of faithfulness.  But, though it seems all around me are changing their colors before my eyes, I am still myself as I have always been.  I shall not take you as my husband.”

Ares eyes widen and then his shoulders slump, his expression crestfallen.

“It has nothing to do with you, Ares.  But I vowed long ago to remain chaste and unwed.  I’ve no intention of breaking that vow because of this upheaval upon the Mount.”

Ares says not a word for a long while.  Then he gives another curt nod and stands.  “Very well.  Brothers, sisters, if father continues to resist the pull of fate I will fight by your side, but until then, I will assume you have things well enough in order.  Good day, father… I hope you come to your senses.”

The God of War plods slowly away to an unknown destination.  Nobody breathes a word and all look grimly to Athena.

Zeus’ chest begins to rock violently and silently before he explodes in booming laughter.  The retreating Ares flinches slightly but does not falter in his gait.  “Look at this sad affair.  You wish to be queen and you’ve already rebuked one of those who would follow you.  Oh yes, daughter, this will go wonderfully for you.”

Zeus laughs again as the violent impulses gnaw away at his rational being.  He rips his hand, still grasped by Hephaestus away.  "NO MY CHILDREN!  I AM KING AMONGST ALL GODS! AND I WILL DESTROY ALL INSOLENT ENOUGH TO DARE CHALLENGE ME!  I WILL NOT SEE MY REIGN REPLACED BY SUCH A MOCKERY!” 

Athena remains stock still before her father's verbal onslaught.  Lightning popping around him, Zeus rears back to smash his favorite daughter into the ground. “NO MY DEAR!  THIS FOOLISHNESS ENDS NOW!  YOU WILL ALL CONTINUE TO BOW BEF--“

The God of Thunder’s words are choked off in pain as he collapses backwards, an arrow through his knee.

Artemis (Sparky) walks forward and leans over Zeus, grinding the tip of her bow into his wounded knee. 

“Don’t try that again father.  Athena WILL be our queen and she is under my protection.”

Tears stream down Zeus’ face, the madness devolving his response to pain to that of a child.  He quiets after awhile and merely rocks back and forth.

“What, by Hades are we supposed to do now with him…. Gads.”  Artemis grumbles.

Athena sighs.  “I think I am more concerned about Ares.  The power vacuum upon Olympus must be affecting us all.  Nothing we witnessed of our brother just now was anything I would attribute to Ares.”

Artemis grimaces and Hephaestus and Apollo exchange troubled looks.

A small cough sounds from behind a rock outcropping and Aphrodite emerges tentatively.  “I…I’m afraid that’s actually my fault, Athena…”

Five shocked looks knock the goddess back slightly and she looks down shamefacedly before moving forward meekly.

“What do you mean, Aphrodite?”  Athena looks stern.

“I was just trying to help, I swear!  Hephaestus I promise I wasn’t causing trouble!” 

The God of the Forge hobbles over to his currently repentant wife.  “How were you trying to help, my love?  Just tell us.”

“I… I just thought Ares would be a valuable asset in the fight against Demeter.  But I did not know how far he could be trusted.  So… I put a spell upon him and… he fell in love with Athena.  I perhaps…overdid it.”

“Zeus’ beard…”  Artemis bites her tongue as though she’s spoken a curse and looks down at her now prone father.

“I… also was just hoping to be rid of…”

“Temptation?”  Athena finishes Aprhodite’s though.  The Goddess of Love nods nervously.

“Can the spell be removed?”

“It could.  And he would return to the God of War men fear.  But the spell does not handle unrequited love very gracefully.  His feelings of rejection would remain.  If we must deal with a spurned Ares, I believe it would be unwise to return him to his former self.”

Hephaestus sighs deeply and pats his wife on the shoulder.  “Your motives were well-meaning my wife, even if the deed was poorly thought out.”

A groggy Zeus laughs again.  “You are all fools.  I am to leave Olympus to you?”  His laugh grows louder and more venomous.

so...yeah...finally updated.  3 turns.

-Hephaestus engages Zeus to heal 2 status on self.
-Athena engages Hephaestus.  Hephaestus chooses to sacrifice 1 status, allowing Athena to deal her status in damage to ANY god other than Hephaestus.
-Athena deals 4 status to Ares.  Ares is eliminated (damn...stone cold bitch, mirite?  :(  )
-Artemis engages Athena.  She will prevent Athena's next loss of status.

It is now Zeus' turn.


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #93 on: 07:16:35 - 09/04/10 »
Yes, totally right, she is :(

(Sorry, Ares :( This wasnt an easy decision. I may explain more when its all over, in the mean time I'd just like to say (to anyone concerned) that its nothing personal, its just a game so please dont go hating my guts for ever and ever :-\)


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
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damned rng.
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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
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A sphere of lightning pulses from Zeus as he arcs his back and leaps to his feet.  The sons and daughters of the King of Olympus are thrown to the ground by the eruption of energy.

"You....NONE of you have any inkling of an idea what being a ruler is truly about.  I have destroyed and created more in this pitiful world than you have even encountered in your brief existences.  I AM LORD OF ALL."

Zeus looks towards a sprawled Artemis and begins to stalk towards her.  "You, young mistress of the bow, dare give your father orders do you?"  A massive torrent of lightning explodes from Zeus' hands, his godly Thunderbolt seemingly no longer necessary to control his chosen element.

Artemis screams in agony and writhes on the ground.

Coughing smoke, the smell of ozone in his nostrils, Apollo clumsily surges up from the ground.  "NOOOO!"  The God of the Sun hurtles between Zeus and Artemis and the lightning cascades over him.  Instead of blinding pain, Apollo flares with white light, an earthbound sunburst absorbing his father's celestial force.  The young god raises his arms and the combined energy of Zeus and Apollo releases a beam of searing golden light into the sky, melting the entire accumulation of storm clouds away like the lightest of fogs with the coming of midday.

"By your own beard, father you shall not harm another one of us this day."

Hephaestus, having recovered from the initial lightning attack, stoops over Artemis.  Her breathing labored, he disarms her and throws his blacksmith's smock over her shuddering form.  He looks sullenly over the withered and blackened wood of her bow, tosses it to the ground, and limps over to his brother's side.

"Father, you and I have worked hand in hand so very often.  You saw me as the crippled monster everyone else did, but you respected my craft and the hands that worked it.  And that respect buoyed my spirit.  For that I hold in my heart no small measure of love for you."

Moving faster than his disfigured body should allow, the God of the Forge suddenly closes the distance between he and Zeus, whips his hammer out and smashes it into the thigh of his elder and the god crumples with a bellow of agonized rage.  "Be that as it may, need I remind you that mother still lives, and is STILL upon this Mount.  Though the very thought fills me with loathing, I will free her if I must.  Imagine the hate-filled fury she has boiling inside her for you and I with her captivity.  Now imagine that tenfold when she learns you have slain her sister.  NOW imagine the results when the sickness that corrupted Demeter and is fighting a winning battle inside you takes hold of *her*.  Her wrath will be the stuff of legends.  We will all pay dearly, but I will pay that toll if you insist on succumbing to your base lust for power."

The pain and outrage on Zeus' face is replaced with a look of stark terror.  The madness is pushed back under and his reason struggles to regain its footing in his soul.

"You....would not really do such a thing."

"If you leave me no choice, I would."

Zeus hangs his head.

Athena approaches and places her hand upon her father's fevered brow.  "Zeus, the time of the sons and daughters of Cronus has past.  Yield and let the world move on.  The time for the sons and daughters of Zeus has come.  Let us prove the greatness of your legacy.  I give to you the heavens.  An even loftier throne than the one upon this rock.  Look down upon us for all eternity and see that we will not dishonor your name."

Athena's hand buzzes with her own intrinsic power and Zeus' brow cools, the wisdom of his daughter's words like cool water, quashing the flames of the powermongering disease rampaging through his mind.

The madness in his eyes clears once and for all and before any of his children can speak or react, a fantastic bolt of lightning climbs from the God of Thunder into the heavens, bright silvery purple visible even against Apollo's sunlit sky.  Athena rears back in surprise and her jaw sets, prepared to fight again.

But when the torrent of natural might finally crackles into silence and blue after-images, Zeus is gone, no sign of his passing left behind.

Apollo, mouth agape, stares for a long while before retreating to the form of his wounded sister.  Hermes remains still as a statue, uncomprehending of what he has just seen.

Hephaestus and Athena though, both fall to their knees, tears of joy and sadness mingling in their eyes.

Chest heaving, the God of the Forge finally mutters, "Well then, my Queen, so it ends.  So it begins."

Athena sighs, fatigue wearing heavily on her beautiful features.  "We have a great deal of work ahead of us, my brother.  Cleaning this place up looks to be a chore indeed."

The new ruler of Olympus looks up as Aphrodite, modest gown charred and soiled, approaches and bows deeply and reverently.

Hephaestus stands, takes his wife's hand, and follows suit.

As he bows Hephaestus feels a shifting in the universe as the power vacuum finds itself filled.  It permeates every molecule of existence.  Even the humans down below feel the change with fear and wonder.

===Beneath the mount===

Hera screams in violent, bloodchilling outrage.  And screams.  And screams.  And screams.  For all eternity.

===Beneath the Sea===

Poseidon sadly sits upon his throne, reminiscing over he and his brothers' many godly escapades.  He thrusts his trident into the seabed and a rift, fashioned by his will in the shape of a thunderbolt, rends the ocean bottom for miles and miles and miles.

===The Underworld===

Hades and Persephone feel the shift in the universe.  Persephone places her hands over her stomach, a new life growing inside it, concern etching lines into her statuesque face.  Hades merely chuckles and gives it not a second thought.

===Another quiet farmhouse down below===

Hestia sips a mild broth from an earthenware cup.  She feels the ascension of Zeus into the heavens.  She feels the shift in power upon Olympus.  She closes her eyes and smiles.

-Zeus engages Apollo.  Becomes immune to Artemis, but has next status loss suffered by a god from him prevented.
-Apollo engages Hephaestus.  He receives +1 power, Artemis gets -1 power, and he shares an outcome with Hephaestus.
-Hephaestus engages Athena.  He sacrifices a status to allow Athena to deal damage equal to her own status to any god.
-Athena chooses to deal status damage to Zeus
-Zeus is eliminated.

Artemis' remaining rival is Hephaestus. Artemis reveals a gained ally outcome towards Hephaestus and allies with him.
Athena's remaining rival is Apollo.  Athena reveals a gained ally outcome towards Apollo and allies with him.

4 allies remain.  At long last, Mt. Olympus' tale draws to a close.  Athena ascends to Queendom, her siblings willing and able to take on the roles the elder siblings of Zeus held before them.  A crippled and loathed god achieves superiority and respect.  A cheating, vainglorious godly wife is humiliated into seeing the error of her ways.  Fear not for Artemis, for she shall recover from her wounds and take her place at Athena's side along with her brother.  Hermes will find himself unwilling to take on too great a role in affairs upon the mount, following in the footsteps of his aunt Hestia, finding any reason to be off the mount as time creeps along. A god of war is ruined by love.  An elder god is slain in legendary fashion.  Her sister finds an even more grim fate, imprisoned forever for being a raging bitch.  Two elder gods find happiness removed from the mount forever, one finds bittersweet solitude, and the mightiest of them all ascends into a plane where the eldest and most ominpresent of gods reside, many as ancient as the universe itself.

Thank you all very much for participating.  Many apologies for the lulls between posts after the baby came!  I hope you enjoyed it regardless.

Though the game is exhausting to run, I suppose there may come a time in the future when I run it again, so I welcome all suggestions on how to improve it.  I am fully aware it's pretty rough around the edges.

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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #96 on: 05:45:38 - 09/16/10 »

The surviving Olympians will receive 35 PFs and 14 brownies!

Athena, Queen of the Mount, Goddess of Wisdom:  Bazabaza
Hephaestus, The Lame God, Master Forger and new Patriarch of the Mount  Toben
Artemis, One of the Mighty Twins:  Sparky
Apollo, Brother to Artemis:  Azharh


Those that survived until REALIGNMENT will receive 6 PFs and 11 brownies!

Ares, Lovestruck Warrior:  Corpsemourne
Zeus, Once King of The Mount, Now King of the Skies:  Dollstate


All other participants will receive 6 PFs and 7 brownies!

Aphrodite, Now Devoted Wife  Misha
Poseidon, Lonely God of the Sea:  Dreizen
Hades, Perhaps the Real Winner of it All!:  Mario766
Hestia, The Free:  qqchampion
Hermes, Torn Messenger:  Kyruko
Hera, the OWNED:  Greatcatatonic
Demeter, the DEAD:  Fenrir


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #97 on: 05:52:57 - 09/16/10 »
Three cheers to Merton for running an awesome game! Kept things interesting right up to the very end. And extra props for managing to keep running the game with a brand-new baby to keep you busy and sleep-deprived. If you ever feel like running a round 2, I'm in for sure.  ;D

edit: whoa, awesome know I was expecting like, a phoenix feather and a pat on the head, right? Amazingly generous, to top it all off. You're the man, Merton.  8)
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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #98 on: 06:02:08 - 09/16/10 »
Thanks a lot for running this terrific game Merton, I really enjoyed plotting and planning my next move while feeling the tension of waiting for my opponents' moves, there was suspense till the end!

And like Toben said, it was awesome of you to still run it while working on a patch AND having a baby.

Special mention to the story between each move, there were some great parts there, made for some laughs too.  ;D

Too shocked by the fact we get to win such cool prizes after you've done all that work on the game yourself, but when I get back on Earth I'll try to provide accurate feedback on this. ;)

If you ever feel like running a round 2, I'm in for sure.  ;D
+1 :P
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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #99 on: 06:07:29 - 09/16/10 »
Thanks to Lez for the brownies and adding 64 feathers to the pot. 


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #100 on: 06:22:11 - 09/16/10 »
Feathers sent.  Lez'll send the brownies at his convenience.


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #101 on: 06:24:05 - 09/16/10 »
Great job running this, Merton.  A+++++++++++++++ would play again!!!!


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #102 on: 06:37:58 - 09/16/10 »
Yeah, great job with this game, especially with the storyline. The mechanics of the game were already pretty well thought out, though I absolutely hated being RNG screwed twice.

But yes, I want a rematch. I will overcome the Toben (/Baza) conspiracy if there is ever a round 2.
I now know where to put my priorities.

The fact that at least 3 of us want to play again is a pretty nice response to a forum game.
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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #103 on: 09:23:52 - 09/16/10 »
Really awesome game Merton ! Thanks a lot for finding me a spot to play (and thanks to the player who left me his spot  :P) ! And of course, thanks for the amazing rewards  ;D

Ok, so feedbacks, huh ?

Gameplay : Simple, yet efficient. It's really easy to understand, so one can start plotting and strategizing right away. One "bad" point though, the encounters and powers were sometimes ambiguous, and needed clarification - kindly and swiftly provided by Merton on demand  ;) So, my advice : try to rephrase some of them to make them more understandable without having to ask the Game Master.

Balance : We didn't had the chance to witness all powers and/or resolved encounters, but those that we saw seemed strongly balanced to me. I felt that the game has already acquired a good maturity, and it's very pleasant. If I sensed one power slightly overpowered, it's Demeter's. It's the reason she was so powerful in the end game, but I guess the 3 influence limit is here to balance this. If she had allied a god restoring influence though, she would have been over control...

Background/Ambiance : Nothing to say here, except WAAAAOOOHHHH ! We really have to talk about that. That was so nicely written, yet so accurate ! Did you already make some preliminary reasearch work on the gods' relationships, or did you look for background as you resolve each encounter ?

Players Interaction : The game is also well balanced to provide players with multiple opportunities of interactions and alliances. A lot of powers are alliance-oriented, I think it was a little under-played during this Tale, but heh, I had many opportunities to use mine in dreadful situations. This is a very good point of the game, allowing people to actively plot together, though not being mandatory at all.

Overall : It's an excellent game, well balanced and with enough suspense to keep the players interested until the very end. I think we have to wait for the people who were eliminated first to confirm it, but I guess even them where still eager to follow the storyline, even after elimination. And I guess the game was interesting to non-players too. Plus, you were a very helpful and reactive GM. That's what the players like, for sure  :)

I'll contact you later by PM. This game is one I would be eager to replay and/or to master.

Thanks again for all the fun.
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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #104 on: 12:50:28 - 09/16/10 »
Awesome game Merton, can't wait for the 2nd time around to play again. :)
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